Luis Uribe: “Working at Pixar is a dream come true”

Luis Uribe: “Working at Pixar is a dream come true”

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Luis Uribe: “Working at Pixar is a dream come true”

Luis Uribe Córdova is a young professional who fills his country, Colombia, with pride. He has worked for several years at Pixar, the famous computer animation film studio, which has allowed him to be part of blockbusters such as Coco and The Incredibles 2. The most recent is Luca, the latest Disney hit that has been released in his streaming platform.

You said in an interview that you work in the place “where everyone wants to work”.

Yes, it is a dream come true where many animators want to work, especially people who grow up in some Latin American country where there is nowhere to study animation. I always wanted to prepare in a studio like Pixar and yes, well, it is a dream come true to work here.

It was by studying industrial design that you discovered animation. What was it that captivated you in this world?

I think what caught my attention the most was discovering that you are on a computer where you have nothing and suddenly you start to create a character and then you start animating that character and you realize that you already have a story created from your home or office. And when you show that story to someone, that animation, they receive a reaction, which is what we are looking for in the end, a positive reaction or communicate an emotional idea, it is very pleasant. That is what I have been looking for in recent years.

In your work, I imagine you feel like an actor in the film.

Yeah right. That is our job. We are actors in an animated film. They give you a scene with two characters without life, almost. So it’s up to you, based on what the director tells you, to invent how the performance is going to be and, for that, we do several things. One of them is to record ourselves (the animators) doing the scene and thus we get a lot of information. We also see the actors when they record the voice and there we make gestures. They also give us a kit of the film and we nourish ourselves with those elements. But in the end we are the actors who try to communicate what is happening in the series.

The capital of your work is in your hands in front of a computer or computer.

Yes of course. We use a mouse. You pretend that it is a puppet, so you start the movements scene by scene and the computer records frame by frame. It is a very exciting job.

Which scene in Luca do you find most memorable?

Several. I had the opportunity to work on two sequences where you can see the contrast of the personalities of Alberto and Luca. For example when they sit down to eat for the first time and another when they reach the high tower and Alberto wants to show Luca everything he has collected from the sea.

Finally, why see Luca?

I think the message is very nice. It will be seen how Luca loses the fear of leaving his environment and discovering a new world, in addition to the whole part of the transformation from monsters to humans is quite interesting. Another aspect is the trip to that beautiful Italian town, its colors. It is a story for the whole family.