Maarten van Rossem: ‘Wopke Hoekstra is not a politician’ |  show

Maarten van Rossem: ‘Wopke Hoekstra is not a politician’ | show

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Maarten van Rossem: ‘Wopke Hoekstra is not a politician’ |  show

He gives tips, tells what he is doing (‘Writing a book’) and explains some answers, like yesterday at Proud Mary, the song by Ike & Tina Turner. Mary was not a woman, ‘but a steamboat’, said Maarten van Rossem, the striking member of the jury of The smartest person. And Van Rossem does not hesitate to give his unvarnished opinion between the questions. About the pandemic (‘there was still a lot to do’), about Farrah Fawcett (‘scary person’) and tonight about Wopke Hoekstra. The CDA foreman was hit hard. “Not a politician”, said Van Rossem.

Hoekstra came by during the round The collective memory. The fragment was shown in which the politician skated through Thialf together with Sven Kramer last year. After the campaign video, Hoekstra was bombarded with criticism, because the stadium was closed to the public due to corona. The minister then went deep into the dust. “I should have just kept my sneakers on.”

Tonight the candidates Barbara Barend, Bert Visscher and Daphne Deckers had to pick up as many ingredients as possible from the video. “He did a Grapperhausje there,” Barend referred to an earlier political blunder, when minister Ferd Grapperhaus did not adhere to the corona rules during his wedding.

Not suitable

After the campaign video and the answers of the candidates, presenter Philip Freriks gave a little push towards Van Rossem’s sneer: ,,This was in the context of his election campaign. He thought he would score very well with this and it turned out very differently. Say Maarten, wasn’t Wopke the big head of the CDA, the wonderboy?”

Van Rossem: ,,The promise, but it didn’t work out. It’s not a politician. He has an incredible talent for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And not a great friend of Omtzigt who today passes for the Lord Jesus. So then you’re already wrong. He is completely unfit for the political handiwork.”

To which Freriks stammered dryly: “Hmmm”. And advanced to the next round.

Barbara Barend, Daphne Deckers and Bert Visscher compete in the smartest person © KRO-NCRV

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