Macron is considering stripping Putin of France's Legion of Honor

Macron is considering stripping Putin of France's Legion of Honor

Macron considers stripping Putin of French Legion of Honor

French President Jacques Chirac decorates Russian President Vladimir Putin with the Order of the Legion of Honor at the Elysee Palace in Prizren in this September 22, 2006 picture.

Brussels – French President Emmanuel Macron is considering giving his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will be stripped of the Legion of Honor. He intends to do so when the “opportune moment” comes, AFP reported. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi received the same award from Macron on Thursday.

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Putin received France's highest state award, the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, in 2006 from former President Jacques Chirac. It was already a controversial step, which provoked criticism in France.

Macron said after the summit of the leaders of the European Union in Brussels that he had not yet reached the decision to withdraw the award from Putin. If he were to do so in the future, it would be an important symbolism that would require proper timing.

Macron pinned Zelensky with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor on his chest after the two met at the presidential palace in Paris on Thursday. In his words, Macron wanted to express France's “huge” appreciation for the bravery of Ukraine, which Russia invaded militarily almost a year ago. military equipment. Kyiv warns that Russia is preparing an offensive.

Macron told journalists today that he does not rule out handing over fighter jets to Ukraine, but according to him “it does not meet the needs today”. He also reminded that the planes cannot be delivered in the following weeks under any circumstances. That is why he personally prefers supplies of military equipment that can be provided quickly.