Maddie McCann: Wasn’t it all different?  Ex-chief investigator again focuses on the parents

Maddie McCann: Wasn’t it all different? Ex-chief investigator again focuses on the parents

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Maddie McCann: Wasn’t it all different?  Ex-chief investigator again focuses on the parents

Updated: 08/24/202105:26

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Maddie McCann disappeared 14 years ago. The former head of the investigation is now making allegations against the parents – and admitting a mistake.

Munich – Maddie McCann has been missing since May 3, 2007. At that time, the girl disappeared from a holiday resort in Praia da Luz in Portugal while her parents were eating with friends in a restaurant not far away. The missing persons case received worldwide attention. Now the former chief investigator of the case, Gonçalo Amaral, reported to the company image to speak and once again expressed unbelievable allegations against the parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

Maddie McCann case: Incredible allegations from former chief investigator

“To this day, I have no doubt that the kidnapping was only simulated,” Amaral told Image. “The signs of this: a window that no one could tell for sure whether it was open or closed,” he continued. Investigators were told in 2007 that “the alleged kidnapper climbed in and out of there”. Although there were fingerprints, they came from the mother. Amaral described the behavior of the parents to the newspaper as “strange” and “not a normal reaction”. “It almost looked like nothing had happened,” he said.

Kate and Gerry McCann were targeted by investigators in September 2007 because traces of blood had been discovered in a rental car from Kate McCann. Goncalo Amaral finally shot in October 2007 at British authorities who had ruled out parents as possible perpetrators of a violent crime. After almost a year, the police finally concluded that the blood on the rental car could not be attributed to Maddie.

Years later, Kate and Gerry McCann filed a defamation lawsuit against Amaral for naming their parents as suspects in his book. The investigator’s allegations against the parents are nothing new. The parents lost the claim for damages. In response to Amaral’s renewed allegations, they spoke out loud image not.

Maddie McCann misses: Ex-chief investigator admits errors in investigations

In conversation with image Amaral also admitted a mistake. The police had previously been proven that the investigation had been sloppy. Now Amaral said the on-site investigations should have been “more extensive, like a murder”. Instead, the investigators approached the case “as if something had been stolen. “That was a mistake,” he admitted.

The German suspectsHowever, who was the target of the investigation in 2020, brought Amaral over image not in connection with the Maddie case. He had “nothing to do” with her disappearance. The former head of the investigation remains firm in his claim: “The main culprits are those who had custody: the parents.” (mbr)