Mahrez’s ex-wife: “The arrival at the City ruined the marriage.  Now he lives … “

Mahrez’s ex-wife: “The arrival at the City ruined the marriage. Now he lives … “

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Mahrez’s ex-wife: “The arrival at the City ruined the marriage.  Now he lives … “

Singer Rita Johal had married the Guardiola player after a few months of acquaintance. After two children, their relationship broke down

Rita Johal, ex wife of Mahrez, she talked about her ex-husband with the English newspaper The Sun. And he talked about how his relationship with him changed when he moved from Leicester to Manchester City.

“I can’t comment on other people’s lives, but moving there changed my husband – he said – Kane’s wife got lucky and ran away. Others should be careful. A player’s career is short-lived. They should stay close to their loved ones even when they go to a top club. Because when everything is over they will realize who is really there ».

The two met in 2014 and after a few months they were already married: “He made me feel special, I didn’t know him, I didn’t know he was a player. But he was charming, I liked him, he was interested in me, he told me he wanted children. I fell in love. I changed my faith, I often drink alcohol because he didn’t drink it and I liked his values. I wanted a family with him, that we had a solid life. I wanted us to be strong together and I hoped it could last forever as with my parents. He felt like me. We got married at home, with two priests and close family members ».

From their marriage two children were born: Inaya And Ayla. Everything seemed to be going well, but in July 2018 Mahrezsigned for City. So at least the ex-wife says: “Loving, humble and caring Riyadh has disappeared. He stopped asking me how my day was and what I was going to do, I think I became a boring wife, staying at home, while he had the spotlight pointed away from me. ”

“He started ignoring me. Obviously I asked him what was happening and he replied: ‘I’m under pressure, it’s football, I’m stressed’. It got worse and worse. Eventually he moved into our guest room “, he told again.

In 2019 the farewell arrived: the player moved to a hotel and the two separated. Rita Johal is now dating a music producer. Mahrez instead he is engaged to Taylor Ward. Rita shared how painful their separation was for her:

And then one day he left and went to live in a hotel, he left his family, us, he chose a new life. I begged him to come home. He said he couldn’t because he felt pressured for football. The truth is, he was simply bored. It was awful for me. Her fans also bullied me, teased me, on social media, and I felt like a failure. For a long time I didn’t have the strength to talk about it. And then when I did, because I announced the fact that he had left home, I was the one accused of lying. There was a huge backlash on social media and I was bullied again. ‘

“Taylor Ward? I found out he was dating her via Instagram, because people kept tagging me in her photos. He didn’t have the decency to tell his children’s mother that he had a new girlfriend. I wish him all the happiness he seems to have. Even if now it seems to me that I have a completely different life. He stopped talking to me for a long time after he left. I do not know why. I haven’t done anything wrong. He spoke mainly through my mother, which is ridiculous. It is painful. I just hope that once the glitz of football is gone, he won’t have to regret itHe concluded.

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