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Mameli (Janssen): “Our first responsibility is to patients”

“Like Janssen, we firmly believe that our first responsibility is to patients. This also implies an ability to listen to the needs of the various players in the system, including patient associations which today more than ever play a leading role. And the idea of ​​this training project was born precisely from the comparison with them: in fact, the strong need to have more and more adequate tools to interface effectively with the institutions emerged. For this reason, thanks to the collaboration of a partner such as Altems – Università Cattolica, whom I thank for supporting the project, we have created a high-level training course that will at the same time be a precious space for meeting, networking and discussion “. Thus Loretta Mameli, Patient Engagement and Pipeline Execution Lead by Janssen Italia, talking about “Raise the Patients’ Voice”, a high-level training course dedicated to patient associations, in collaboration with Altems Patient Advocacy Lab, presented today at an online press conference.

The initiative includes theoretical and practical sessions so that associations are able to refine skills and techniques to make their voices heard in the most suitable ways and involves the involvement of university professors flanked by profound connoisseurs of the Italian institutional system, communication professionals and as a coach. “The course – reports Mameli – was born on the basis of various inputs we have had in this historical period and on listening to the needs of patients and associations who have strongly expressed the need to interact more effectively and efficiently with institutions” The voice of patients will have to be “heard more and more in the Italian healthcare world” especially “now – he stresses – that an unprecedented flow of economic resources is about to arrive”.

National and regional institutions, trade associations, industry, scientific experts – emerged from the conference – are the protagonists of this process which must necessarily include the voice of patients as well. This is why the associations that represent them gradually become stronger and more authoritative interlocutors who can be an essential part in the decision-making process. “We believe that the patient must be at the forefront in the management of these resources – continues Loretta Mameli-. His opinion, his point of view cannot be left out of the decision-making process. The patient is the alpha and omega of health, everything begins and ends with the patient “.

Participation in the course went “beyond expectations. The pandemic has taught us that health is a collective good. And health precisely because it belongs to everyone also passes through the work of associations. We are all patient, we need each other. Now we just have to put into practice everything we have learned from the pandemic ”concludes Mameli.

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