Marcel Blanchette obtains release rights

Marcel Blanchette obtains release rights

Marcel Blanchette obtains rights output

Marcel Blanchette, to his arrived at the courthouse, was greeted by the victim's father, Marcel Bolduc. He said to her: “Look, I'm Isabelle Bolduc's father”.

Marcel Blanchette, one of the three murderers of Isabelle Bolduc in Sherbrooke in 1996, allegedly obtained permission from the parole board for escorted outings “for training”.

Isabelle Bolduc's father, Marcel, received a Thursday morning call from the Commission confirming the news. The latter said he was very disappointed.

Marcel Bolduc says he is very disappointed with the permission for escorted outings obtained by Marcel Blanchette.

Recall that in June 1996, Isabelle Bolduc had been kidnapped, kidnapped, sexually assaulted, then murdered by three men, including Marcel Blanchette. She was found in a field east of Sherbrooke.

Marcel Blanchette is now 76 years old and has been imprisoned for nearly 27 years. He could apply to the Commission to obtain permission for escorted outings. He wants to go to a community organization that works with inmates.

More details to come