Mario Negri, on the Olivos scandal: ‘The video confirms that the President participated in the dinner’

Mario Negri, on the Olivos scandal: ‘The video confirms that the President participated in the dinner’

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Mario Negri, on the Olivos scandal: ‘The video confirms that the President participated in the dinner’

After the national government decided to broadcast videos of Fabiola Yañez’s birthday in Quinta de Olivos in July 2020 to control the crisis in the middle of the electoral campaign, one of the most critical opponents of Alberto Fernández, deputy Mario Negri, scrutinized the details of the images and he harshly criticized the head of state again.

In that sense, for Negri. filtration – far from controlling damage – leaves exposed “the lie” in the official speech.

At first, before the dissemination of photographs of the first lady’s birthday, the story was different: first the event was denied and then the presence of the President was minimized, as if he had come to say hello. For the candidate for senator in Córdoba, it is proof that Fernández “participated in the dinner” and added: “There is even a plate for him on the table.”

The president of the Interblock of Deputies of Together for Change fired on Twitter: “They wanted to anticipate that journalism would publish the #ElVideo and they gave it to a half K. The only thing they confirm is that the President participated in the dinner with ten other people in the hardest stage of the restrictions. There is even a plate for him on the table. Cynicism to the stick“.

Later, in radio statements, in his campaign tour of Río Tercero, in Córdoba, he argued that in the face of the scandal “nothing surprises him.”

“When this started, with the first photo and then with the second, we raised a request for impeachment. Not as a palace coup, but to place the maximum responsibility of those who exercised the maximum cynicism from power. That’s why I said that if we continued pulling the cord we were going to know the truth“he claimed.

In addition, he analyzed that the discussion “is not impeachment yes or no”, but whether the President “violated the law in Olivos or not.” “There is no doubt that the value of the word presidency sankl, “he added.

“In the last two acts of the ruling party, it was clear who holds power and who exercises it: the Vice President,” concluded Negri, who has been pointing her darts at Cristina Kirchner with the clear intention of rivaling her in the Senate, if she manages to overcome the elections STEP.

In fact, last week, Negri launched his candidacy as senator, pointing directly to Fernández de Kirchner: “In Deputies we have stopped laws, but the burrow is in the upper house, where Cristina Kirchner is “.

The radical who commands the opposition forces in Congress will have an intern with three other lists in the province and hopes to rival the former president, whom he placed as a benchmark in the “laboratory of populism.” His main rival is Luis Juez.

The videos of the scandal

To try to control the crisis, it was the government itself that released the videos of Fabiola Yañez’s birthday at Quinta de Olivos and thus got involved directly.

The two recordings known this Wednesday they had to go first on Public TV, through the information service of the state channel.

According to official sources aware of the operation, it was scheduled for 4.30 pm on Wednesday. But it took until a flash that broke into the programming at 17. The videos had been released moments before on the ultrakirchnerista portal The uncovering, by the businessman and driver Roberto Navarro.

The move was typed and spoke without intermediaries by Fernández himself with Rosario Lufrano – that is how the official, president of Radio and Televisión Argentina SE, the company in charge of the state media Radio Nacional and Public TV, let it be known.

It was a strategic decision with which the President sought, unlike last week’s improvisation, to anticipate eventual leaks and take control of the situation.

It is that after the publication of the LN + channel of the image of the celebration of the first lady with a group of friends -and also the head of state- in Olivos, in July of last year and in strict isolation due to the pandemic, Fernández and its surroundings were in the middle of a true earthquake.

With a scandal week on the agenda They tried to close the splinters that affect the image and the presidential administration.