Marpo, Poláková, Škwor, Jelen and others have released or are preparing new albums

Marpo, Poláková, Škwor, Jelen and others have released or are preparing new albums

Marpo, Polkov, &Scaron release or prepare new albums ;kwor, Deer and další

Musician Jindra Polák (second from right) with the group Jelen performed on June 22, 2019 in Holešov in the Kroměříž region at the Holešov regatta music festival.

Prague – Popular music representatives Bára Poláková, bands Škwor and Jelen and others are releasing or preparing new albums. The debut recordings of some performers also appeared. Some artists, such as the rapper Ota Petřina performing under the name Marpo, will present new songs at upcoming big concerts. According to Marpo, who will perform at the O2 universum on December 9 this year, the six-song recording Don't Quit Now is a preview of the new album.

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“Because I was boxing a lot last year and we were so fed up with the music, I only released one song. I wanted to announce a new record, but nowadays nobody wants to wait a year, so I wanted to do a few things so people have something to listen to, and also as a thank you for their favor,” said ČTK Marpo.

The third studio recording of the singer and actress Barbora Poláková, called On/Off, contains thirteen tracks with several guests, including Jan Cina and Marek Adamczyk. The record was released five years after the last Ze.Mě album. “We wrote most of the songs with David (Hlaváč). Five years passed between the second and third albums, but during that time we released four singles. Three of them for movies in cinemas. So it was a question of whether to put them all on the album, or maybe only a part of them. In the end, we decided that the purity of the whole is more valuable to us. So that everything fits together. For that reason, we ended up throwing out two songs right before the album master,” said Poláková.

The rock group Škwor is celebrating 25 years on the scene this year, and in addition to the double birthday concert on October 6 and 7 at the O2 universum, they will also offer their fans a new album. The eleventh studio record will be on sale for the first time at the Prague concert. It was preceded by a single with the title song Sobé vérnej accompanied by a video clip. “The lyrics of “Be true to yourself” meaningfully fit into a certain concept of the whole record. The song is about the fact that even if anything can happen to you in life, you always have to cope with it yourself. It should give people a kick in the moments when everything doesn't go as it should should have,” noted the author of the song, Petr Hrdlička.

The group Jelen, which is celebrating ten years of activity this year, is planning a concert in Prague's O2 arena on December 2 and, above all, the release of a new album. So far, she has presented the single and video clip Touha a plač from it. The seventh album will contain the band's original songs, but at the same time it will feature a number of guests on the recordings, for example Robert Křestťana or the group Rybičky 48.

The band Shall we fly? released the concert album Best of for gramophone, which was created in the Brno club Fléda on the occasion of fifteen years of its existence. The double album with the subtitle 15 years in the air offers the group's biggest hits in a live performance and is a harbinger of the upcoming new album next year.

The band Kofe-In is releasing a new album and together with it a music video for the single I find you in the tracks . On the fifth record called KFN, the band presents songs of various genres. The first single features singer Kaczi.

The Povodí Ohře group presented a new composition, Blud, followed by a third album called Place of Rest, which will be released at the beginning of September this year. “Blud is a summer hit by Ohře, inspired by E. Devrient's half-forgotten libretto to Hans Heiling's romantic opera from 1833, about the magical beauty of the river closest to the band,” said the band, which music columnists awarded the Vinyl Award for Record of the Year in 2019.

The debut albums include a recording by the alternative band Panracek called Kult Samahan. After the baptism at the Kabinet Muz in Brno, the trio Jakub Kraus, Kryštof Kerndl and Tomáš Dalecký will present it on June 26 at KC Klubovna in Prague – Dejvice.

Singer, composer and lyricist Daniela Litváková-Čelková, known from the bands Panika and Hudba Praha releases a double single with the songs Dálka and Podlog si, which foreshadows her solo album Last Orders. The double single and the entire album are the result of her collaboration with the versatile drummer and musician Štěpán Smetáček. A new name on the rock scene is the band Popel, whose line-up consists of experienced musicians. The leader is the singer, composer and lyricist Jan Dvořák, known as the frontman of the gothic-rock band Jerusalem. The debut eponymous album was compiled by the group from original rock and pop songs.