MARUV outraged that due to tour in Russia can’t get in Ukraine

MARUV возмущается, что из-за гастролей в России не может добраться в Украину

MARUV popular singer, who often tours with concerts in Russia, expressed his indignation with the Ukrainian Consulate. The controversial singer stuck in Russia and unable to return to Ukraine.

The incident Anna Korsun said in his Instagram. She recorded aggressive video, in which he noted that the Ukrainian Consulate treated her with prejudice, saying, “the one who wanted to leave have already done it.”

“Friends, I’m in shock. I called the Ukrainian Consulate, so they explained to me how to get home. This is the most impolite Consulate, which can be. Girl operator – psycho idiot beats me, when I once again call,” said the singer.

According to the artist, for objective reasons, it used in Ukraine could not reach.

“Why in other countries, its citizens are responsible, but not in ours? It looks like more that to the citizens of Ukraine who are now in Russia – just biased. I have the same passport as you. I have the same rights as you!”, – outraged the singer.

Outrage Maruv: watch the video

Note that in connection with the spread of coronavirus, the Ministry of foreign Affairs urges to return to Ukraine until March 27. It is known that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine is preparing the return of 800 Ukrainians from the territory of Russia from the outbreak of coronavirus.

According to the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yegor Bozhko, the Ministry of foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of infrastructure organized for the return of Ukrainians 8 trains from abroad, among them are “Moscow – Kiev”.

What is known of the Russian gastrolery MARUV?
Participant of “the Voice 4” Anna Korsun, today a famous singer in the genre of electronic music MARUV, takes no position on the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Last year she won the award for the MTV Europe Music Awards. However, the national pride of the Ukrainian singer did not, in fact won the Russian nomination. In recent years, the singer has toured Russia and is famous for friendship with the Russian artists, which she congratulated with the jubilee in Moscow.

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