Masha Efrosinina in the bright outfit admitted in their addiction

The presenter told us how to solve the problem of surplus clothing

Маша Ефросинина в ярком наряде призналась в своей зависимости

On his page in Instagram she published a photo in the bright image — it neon yellow pants, a beige turtleneck and a peach-colored coat. The star admitted that she is addicted to the clothes and it is very difficult to part with it, even if the thing hangs in a closet and not worn.

However, she tries to deal with them and give your things a second life, so they can benefit someone else.

“Hi, I’m Masha Efrosinina. And I matochina! Not even shopogolika, namely matochina. I love beautiful things and like to dress in them! I earned myself each and everybody without exception — every dress or suit I have my own associations and memories! That’s why I always left your questions: “Mary, where do You put all your stuff?” no reply!
Because I… will not go!!!! They live with me: in cabinets, on shelves, in boxes and even in children’s rooms. And what is most stupid — most of them, I don’t wear already!

And you know what? I could, and dared them ever to leave, and someday I’ll be buried in the crypt of my armor, if I hadn’t realized, finally, that these things still able to bring a double benefit: to give someone of you a happy and save children’s lives! So I easily let go of their favorite dresses, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and so on in their second life! And the proceeds from these funds will be used for the treatment of the wards of our Fund.Suddenly you’ve been wanting to do something useful for myself, welcome to the page !” — openly shared Efrosinina.

Leading members praised her for such a wonderful initiative, and some complained that they would like to buy something of the things of Masha, but unfortunately not the same size.

  • Masha in the trend! Also now prodavali. But as I understand You, too smocnica. I’ll take the old stuff to charity.
  • VI the fellow! Good right!!!
  • Very good initiative!
  • Wow,great idea, good for You!
  • Masha magic
  • I admire You! You are a Person with a capital H! Thank You for this
  • Cool image
  • Adorable!!!
  • Matessa
  • The perfect woman.
  • Great idea!
  • Beauty-and that’s it!
  • Well, what you great. Very inspiring
  • You wonder
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