Masha Efrosinina showed how celebrated the anniversary of her husband

Masha and Timur charged positive

Маша Ефросинина показала, как отпраздновала юбилей мужа

Masha Efrosinina does not cease to show to the followers, as spending time with his family in quarantine. A strict regime of home isolation imposes its own limitations. For example, on March 23, Masha’s husband, businessman Timur Limp celebrated his birthday — male 45 years. On this important day Efrosinina wife has planned a special gift — a trip with the kids to Rome. There Mary had also prepared some surprises. However, the Romans, according to Masha, covered with a copper basin. So the situation had to go locally. Congratulations Masha was prepared in haste together with his son Sasha. But the family celebrated the 45th anniversary of the main men in the house in the fresh air with tea.

So, on his instagram page she posted a video from the celebration of the birthday of her husband, which took place on March 23. Together with the 5-year-old son Sasha, the couple went to the snow-covered forest, away from other people. Do not forget that the Ministry of health recommends to stay away from mass gatherings of people. And to limit contact with each other for a period of quarantine. So Masha and Timur chose the perfect place for walks and celebrations.

“Festive table” was modest. Efrosinina took a walk with a thermos of raspberry tea, bread. The couple’s son settled on a felled tree to eat.

“Well, I think everyone already knows that my husband, the father of my two children turned 45. He anniversary. We had planned to fly to Rome. I have had very many surprises. And almost all turned out,” jokes Mary.

“I think Roman holiday and such vacation does not particularly different. The like, how are you? Here, our restaurant “Michelin”, our high molecular kitchen. My cheerful birthday. Our vintage wine — raspberry tea! Nice fit — pure luxury”, says video Efrosinina.


Mary also once again noted how much her husband loves to travel. What Timur Limp also decided to make a joke: “Even do not need to leave. Still no one will come to me.”

Masha fans were also quick to comment on her new video. Many supported the sense of humor of the presenter and her husband.

  • “Now many understand that not all of them bad. Will not be upset that others say on the stump)) I think it’s more fun than in Italy”
  • “Happy Birthday! I’m sure he economy will not collapse!) Health, love, warmth, unity your family!! And let the silent mode after a quarrel will be reduced to 2 hours, the leaders hardly less will”
  • “The main thing is that You are all together your family. Health to all of you. And that is not according to plan, so it’s not the worst”
  • “Bagato heat in this video) Thank you, Mariya))”
  • “Masha, you are amazing”
  • “What you’re cool)”
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