Masterchef Celebrity Colombia 2021: how and where to see the full chapter?

Masterchef Celebrity Colombia 2021: how and where to see the full chapter?

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Masterchef Celebrity Colombia 2021: how and where to see the full chapter?

MasterChef Celebrity It has become the most watched program on weekends in Colombia not only because of the talent of the famous when it comes to cooking, but because of the controversies that arise on behalf of the participants themselves. Currently, the program is in its final stretch and any detail that occurs generates divided opinions; while little by little the shortlist of possible winners is assembled.

What happened yesterday at MasterChef Celebrity Colombia?

For this opportunity the mystery box challenge brought nostalgia and tears to the kitchen of MasterChef Celebrity, because the cooks had to remember flavors that transported them to their childhood.

However, for the actress Carla Giraldo it was particularly difficult when the presenter Claudia Bahamón asked her about a dish from her childhood that she had in memory.

“They made it more difficult for me,” Giraldo said as she tried to remember flavors that would bring her back to her childhood and tears began to appear.

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MasterChef Celebrity Colombia: hours

Masterchef Celebrity 2021 seen every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 8.00 pm throughout Colombia.

What channel does MasterChef Celebrity Colombia transmit?

Masterchef Celebrity 2021 is emitted by the screens of RCN Television. Likewise, it can be seen on the channel’s official page.

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How to see RCN signal LIVE?

To see MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021 by RCN Television you have to tune in to channel 15 on the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) frequency. It can also be viewed through Google Play and the App Store, on any mobile device with Android or IOS operating system, where you can download the application fromRCN, which will allow you to see its content totally free.

Where to see MasterChef Celebrity Colombia LIVE ONLINE FREE?

In case it cannot be seen live, the repetition of the chapters will be available through RCN’s website and social networks. You also have the option of following the program through La República Espectáculos.

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What is MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021 about?

It is a competition of Colombian celebrities from television, art, culture and entertainment, who fight to know who will be the best haute cuisine chef.