Mayra Couto dedicates a romantic message to her partner: “I’ll be with you soon”

Mayra Couto dedicates a romantic message to her partner: “I’ll be with you soon”

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Mayra Couto dedicates a romantic message to her partner: “I’ll be with you soon”

Mayra Couto used social networks to dedicate a tender message to her partner, who resides in Colombia and with whom she has been with for more than three years. The director is finishing the recordings of the first episode of her series My body, my rules in Lima.

In the Instagram publication, he also shared a photo with the young man and said that they will soon be able to meet again after being separated for several weeks.

“He does not like photos, but in this one you can hardly see his face. Love, I can’t wait to hug you and kiss you. Soon I will be home with you and my Juliet (her pet). You have no idea how much I miss them. I think about you more every day, “he wrote on the aforementioned platform.

Mayra Couto also expressed that she is very excited to return to Colombia and live with her partner: “The adventure that awaits us seemed so far away and today it is touching our feet. I’m ready. From your hand, until the end of the world. I trust and enjoy your existence. It’s all about having fun and we are the best at doing it ”, concluded the director and producer.

Mayra Couto dedicates a romantic message to her partner: “I’ll be with you soon”

Mayra Couto had already revealed that she was happy with her love affair during an exclusive interview she had with La República, in which she told some details of their coexistence.

“I am living with my boyfriend, we are already about three years old. I went to live in Manizales, mainly because of the pandemic. (…) My boyfriend has a job there. I’m just waiting to do this (his series My body, my rules) and go back to look for work, “he said in July.

Mayra Couto spoke about her future plans in film and television

In an interview with La República, Mayra Couto gave details of her experience studying at the International School of Film and Television of Cuba and how it influenced his filmmaking style.

“For My Body, My Rules I have written the script, I have produced, directed and acted. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to, but I think it’s coming out cool. I love acting, but I don’t like it when I can’t decide about the rest; that’s why I want to make my own productions, “said the actress.

Mayra Couto on her studies in Cuba: “It changed me, the culture shock is incredible”

Mayra Couto jokes about voting for ceviche in Netflix poll

The actress caused controversy by making a publication on her social networks where he asked users not to vote for ceviche, the typical Peruvian dish that was competing in the Netflix survey “Street Food Latin America”.

“Do not voteeeeeennn, we are not going to win,” he wrote jokingly and then added in another tweet the reason: “There are 120 million Mexicans.”


Mayra Couto gave her opinion on motherhood

The actress used her social networks to share her opinion on motherhood with her Instagram followers and assured that she has doubts about becoming a mother in the future.

“Suddenly your life project is that at 18 you have a child, that’s fine. I still don’t know if I really want to be a mother, I don’t know if I really want to be a mother because I see that being a mother is becoming an assistant to another human being and every time I tell a mother, she tells me that it is true ”, she mentioned.

Mayra Couto. Photo: Diffusion

Mayra Couto reveals she had feminist support when she needed to donate blood

The actress known for her role in Al fondo hay Sitio revealed that she had the support of a group of feminists, who were with her when I need to donate blood. Before his comment he was criticized by various users.

“I am not going to talk to you about feminism. I’m just going to tell you that when I needed to donate blood for a relative, the feminists were the only ones who came in stain the next day early, “he wrote on his Twitter account.