Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

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Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Color redMazda does not go unnoticed. From a scientific point of view, this type of chrome plating may be nothing more than light with a wavelength of 600-780 nm reflected from a surface. But practically ever since humanity began, red has captured men’s imaginations like no other color. When our ancestors prehistoric they mixed there for the first time Stone ocher ground with water to obtain a reddish paste, one of the first colors created by man was born.

Since then, the red has taken on many meanings across cultures, with ardent love and the furious rage, to the real power, prosperity and happiness. The common theme? Throughout the world and over the centuries, red is associated with powerful emotions.

Red color sports car

No wonder, then, that in the automotive world the color red has historically lent itself to the segment of sport cars. Red cars are seen as more fast and sporty, the bold and unconventional pilots.

On the contrary, in the more sober segment of midsize cars and SUVs, the audacity of the emotion expressed by a red car represents more than anything else a ‘exception: neutral colors such as White, the black and the Grey.

Mazda MX-5, the beautiful Soul Re Cristal color enhances its spider shapes

In 2020, only 6.7% of all newly registered cars were red. Not so in Mazda: here, that number is del 27.2%, higher than any other car brand.

Red Mazda, history

When Mazda made its first foray into the passenger car segment with the Mazda R360 Coupe, the “Mazda Red” it was already one of the options available to customers. Over the years, red has gradually established itself as the prominent color for the Japanese manufacturer.

Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Mazda R360 Coupe from 1960

Over the years, there have been many iterations of the iconic color: from orange “Sunrise Red” of the RX-7 to the depths “Burgundy Ice Metallic” popular series 323 is 626 up to bold and bright “Classic Red” introduced with the legendary Mazda MX-5. Overall, beyond 100 shades of red they helped express the determination and passion in the heart of Mazda and all of its cars.

A new chapter of red was started with the introduction of the Kodo design in 2012. The language of the Kodo style aims to capture the beauty of movement in an immobile object through fluid and dynamic forms. The design team eliminated all the character lines from the car’s side profile, making one white canvas for the light to paint on.

Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Mazda 323 red from 1979 Burgundy Ice Metallic

When shadows and sunlight dance on the body panels, its unique shapes create ever-changing patterns that they give the illusion of movement, even if the car is stationary.

Mazda Soul Red color

To bring the Kodo design even more to life, Mazda designers got a brand new color called “Soul Red”. But, true to Mazda style, Keiichi Okamoto and his team were still not entirely satisfied.

Together, they set out with the ambitious goal of creating the most beautiful red in the world, which appeared brilliant where the light hits it and rich and dark in the shade; a red that carried a depth of color that seemed almost translucent.

Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Racing Mazda6 SKYACTIV-D in Soul Red

“I want a deep shade of red like the translucent red of rubies or red crystal”, Okamoto said and his team got to work. The result was presented in 2017 with the launch of the brand color “Soul Red Crystal”.

Characteristics Mazda Soul Red Crystal color

To create this beautiful and complex shade of red, Mazda has developed a radical new approach to the paint process. The “Soul Red Crystal” is applied in a three-step process: the first layer of colored paint includes two different types of aluminum flakes: one highly reflective, the other absorbing light.

Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Electric Mazda MX-30 in beautiful Soul Red Crysta color

The distribution of these flakes is meticulously controlled to obtain the ideal light dispersion and darkness all over the body of the car. The second layer translucent includes a pigment with a high chroma that adds depth of color without preventing the light from hitting the aluminum flakes below.

A third transparent upper layer adds extra shine and protects the body paint from environmental influences.

Mazda red, the history of emotional car color

Mazda Soul Red Crystal color

This extraordinary effect was only possible by focusing on the very essence of red: no pigment was added orange or blue to play a role in creating the magma-like reflections and deep, dark shadows of the brand’s current color.

The hue is therefore in perfect harmony with Mazda’s Kodo stylistic philosophy, which aims to express the beauty of movement himself through simple but expressive and emotional designs.

Mazda3 Soul Red Crystal VIDEO test drive

Mazda red color photo

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