Mbappé, Real rises to 180 million.  The PSG wall begins to give way

Mbappé, Real rises to 180 million. The PSG wall begins to give way

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Mbappé, Real rises to 180 million.  The PSG wall begins to give way

New proposal from Madrid (170 + 10 bonus), Paris officially refuses. But it seems that the negotiation can take off

Real Madrid tried again. With a timid rise at first sight, but which has opened a way to streamline the dialogue with the PSG. The Emir of Qatar’s club yesterday swept away with disdain the first offer of 160 million. In the last few hours, a new proposal of 170 million has arrived in Paris. With an additional 10 million, as a variable part. In all, therefore, 180 million. That is the amount paid by PSG to Monaco in 2017, including 35 million expected for resale. The minimum claimed by the director Leonardo to consider the idea of ​​an early separation from Mbappé, one year after the expiry of the contract. But Al Khelaifi’s reply came from Istanbul very close: “On Mbappé everything is clear and the situation has not changed”. The impression of the last few hours is that, barring vetoes from Doha, the negotiation is still moving forward towards a goal that may not be close, but not so far away.


Therefore, that of the PSG president should not be interpreted as a closure, but only as a stance of hard negotiator. In practice, it is up to Florentino Perez to evaluate whether to insist still enough to approach, even symbolically, the threshold of 200 million that would put everyone in agreement. Therefore, a recomposition of the offer between the fixed and variable part should not be excluded, precisely to compensate at least in part the transfer that the Parisian club must guarantee to Monaco. The next few hours will be crucial. In Madrid, the media evoke an agreement for tomorrow. Of course, trading isn’t that steep anymore. We still need a little patience, the ingredients are almost all there.


Meanwhile, Mbappé has decided not to express himself publicly, for now, adopting a low profile. In practice, pretending nothing has happened, training as usual, preparing as usual for the away match on Sunday, to Reims, where he plans to be there, as a starter, perhaps alongside Messi. unless in the meantime the situation were to unblock definitively and lead to an official announcement.

August 26, 2021 (change August 26, 2021 | 23:11)