McLaren Takes A Top Engineer From Aston Martin |

McLaren Takes A Top Engineer From Aston Martin |

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McLaren Takes A Top Engineer From Aston Martin |

The brand McLaren would have accomplished a notable ‘market’ operation as far as the engineering team is concerned, drawing from Aston Martin his (former) chief engineer Matt Becker. The House of Woking thus renews its team dedicated to road cars, with a very experienced engineer who has also worked with Lotus in the past.

According to reports Autocar, for Aston Martin it is a real ‘drain’ of brains: after losing Miles Nurnberger, now at work in the Renault group and in particular with the Dacia and Lada brands, Becker is expected to leave the company soon along with David King, another important engineer because he is head of development operations for special projects. King, unlike Becker, will go to work for the American electric brand Fisker.

In the new Aston Martin’s Lawrence Stroll there are now two senior roles to fill, as the design director does not appear to have been appointed yet. Now, without Becker, he will find himself managing the electrical transition with less internal experience available. In the past it had a particular influence on vehicles such as the Vantage, the DBS Superleggera and above all the suv DBX. Now he will bring everything to McLaren, after a period of forced leave (gardening leave) before starting to work on his new adventure starting in 2022. His future commitment should always remain in the same area: that of studying the dynamics of the frame.

Although these operations often do not happen in the light of day, in this transition period in the automotive sector Finding engineers with great experience and heterogeneous backgrounds is essential to attempt the challenge in the market of tomorrow. The most sensational movements in Italy, recently, occurred for example thanks to Silk-Faw: the Sino-American joint-venture has hired senior staff, including former Ferrari, to be immediately ready to approach such a complex business.

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