Medicine Test 2021: between news and confirmations

Medicine Test 2021: between news and confirmations

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Medicine Test 2021: between news and confirmations

On 3 September candidates from all over Italy will meet in the universities set up for take the Medicine 2021 test. Passing the limited number test is necessary in order to be able to access the six-year degree course in Medicine and Surgery and occupy one of the 14,020 places provided for by the ministerial announcement of this academic year. A figure increased by 7% compared to 2020 and 21% compared to 2019. The date is the same for all public universities, while in private ones the dates vary according to the university and are usually held before the summer. The national ranking will be published on 28 September.

Number of questions, topics and time available: all the details

To overcome the Medicine test 2021 a limited number must be completed 60 multiple choice questions in 100 minutes totals. The test will start at 13 at the same time in all universities. The topics of the questions are divided as follows:

  • 12 questions of general knowledge
  • 10 questions of logic
  • 18 biology questions
  • 12 chemistry questions
  • 8 questions of physics and mathematics

In the announcement published by the Ministry of Education are indicated also the issues to pay more attention to. Among others, for biology: chemistry of living beings, genetics, organic molecules, heredity, anatomy and homeostats. For chemistry: matter, ideal gas law, atom structure, chemical bonds, inorganic chemistry, kinetics, acids and foundations of organic chemistry. For physics: measurements, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrostatics and kinematics. For mathematics: sets, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. It is calculated 1.5 points for each correct answer, zero for the undated one and -0.40 for every mistake.

Useful info for carrying out the test

For the day of the test, plus a identification document and the registration and payment receipts issued by Universitaly, all candidates must have the mask with them. Also this year, in fact, the Covid-19 pandemic once again forces tests that are spaced out and respond to all safety measures. The main novelty brought by 2020 will be the obligation a physically carry out the test in the office closest to your place of residence, regardless of the preferences registered. Only after the official ranking will each winning candidate move to the university requested by him.

Watch out for irregularities

Despite the efforts of universities to ensure correct procedures, irregularities are reported every year during the Medicine test. Candidates in possession of electronic equipment who have managed to bring in cell phones and headsets with which they are in contact with people outside. Cases of envelopes with tests that arrive already open or suspected contacts of professors with candidates. In all these circumstances, the boys decided to seek legal help and submit a use of the Medicine test, which if won allows entry even to those who have been excluded from the score. It is therefore good to observe what is happening around and not to be caught unprepared by the circumstances.

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