Medicine test appeal 2021: times and methods

Medicine test appeal 2021: times and methods

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Medicine test appeal 2021: times and methods

September 3 is the date that the Ministry of University has set for the admission tests. There are 14,020 places available, which can be obtained by passing the limited number test. One hundred minutes to solve 60 multiple choice questions, most of which of general knowledge, will determine who can follow their dream of becoming a doctor. A measure much criticized by students, associated in various movements that require the abolition of the numerus clausus. The many prove it I resorted to the Medicine test presented each year by students who are unable to access the courses, who complain of irregularities during the test.

The main irregularities

Despite the test a limited number for Medicine is considered a “proof of objectivity”, they are reiterated every year reports of irregularities capable of compromising the test, scattered throughout the national territory. Among the main ones:

  • non-compliant arrangement of the stations
  • lack of screening of the classrooms
  • use of mobile phones
  • errors in the questions given
  • unpublished questions
  • failure to respect the secrecy of the tests and the anonymity of the students
  • errors in the formation and composition of the Commissions

In addition to these aspects, to always keep under control for a recourse to Medicine, in the last two years also the Covid regulations they are under everyone’s attention. Each university must ensure that the Medicine test 2021: with spaced seats, self-certification of good health and mandatory masks, as well as well-defined routes and staggered entry times. Failure to comply with the rules related to the virus can also be a cause for appeal, as it is part of the obligations of each university.

Why Consulcesi: specialists in actions against the Closed Number in Medicine

Choose to do use of the Medicine 2021 test, if you have not entered (September 28 is the date chosen for the ranking) is a choice of many candidates. However, to carry out the judicial process, it is good rely on professionals who have been managing this type of practice for some time and know how to advise the customer in the most appropriate way. Among these shines the Consulcesi legal network, made up of professionals who have been dealing with medical tests for years and boast important victories. Last the collective victory of a group of students who had made use of the number of places lower than needed and, after years of attendance with reservations, allowed them to finally be officially registered.

Dates and deadlines for submitting an appeal

The appeal to the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) must be presented within 60 days from the publication of the ranking (September 28, 2021) or any scrolling. If the precautionary request is accepted, the candidate could receive the possibility to register with reserve and attend the courses until the outcome of the request for merit.

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Consulcesi SA – CHE: 259458377 – Balerna

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