MercadoLibre vs.  Bezos: free shipping for ‘everyone who stayed on Earth’ during space travel

MercadoLibre vs. Bezos: free shipping for ‘everyone who stayed on Earth’ during space travel

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MercadoLibre vs.  Bezos: free shipping for ‘everyone who stayed on Earth’ during space travel

Last Tuesday, Jeff Bezos took a trip into space. While the internet was filled with memes, reactions and comments, Mercado Libre took advantage in Mexico to trollingthe richest man in the world: offered free shipping for “all who stayed on Earth” for the duration of the Blue Origin journey.

With the help of the creative agencies Gut Mexico City and Gut Buenos Aires, the massive e-commerce platform, which is a direct competitor of Amazon Mexico, turned the launch of the New Shepard ship into a publicity stunt.

Now that @JeffBezos will go to space, he will see the earth more yellow than ever”The account tweeted. “Because while he’s on the road, we’ll give free shipping to those who stay on earth.” On Instagram, the platform made reference to the speed of its deliveries to see the arrival of its packages “instead of looking at the stars.”

But the jokes weren’t confined to the site’s social media: Mercado Libre also changed its page to align with the space-themed offering, including a countdown that tracked Bezos’ return to Earth.

To complete the publicity joke, the company sent one last joke, not without leaving aside that it was a day of many orders. “We send Jeff ‘kisses’ and you the products with free shipping to your home, “he said in the tweet. “Thousands of users are already receiving the products they bought while Jeff was in space,” they clarified.

Mercado Libre, the largest e-commerce provider in Latin America, is known for its advertising campaigns. Last March, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the platform changed its logo from the recognizable handshake icon to an illustration of elbows colliding to promote social distancing.

Bezos’s journey

He traveled on Tuesday in the reusable New Shepard spacecraft, with which he exceeded 106 kilometers in height and then returned to Earth, made a trip of 10 minutes and 29 seconds long. The crossing cost $ 28 million per person, which is equivalent to $ 2.5 million per minute of travel.

During the journey, the capsule in which the passengers traveled separated from the booster rocket once they reached 76 kilometers in height, and then continued the remaining 30 kilometers on their own until a distance from the earth’s surface that allowed them allowed to experience weightlessness for a few minutes.

Jeff Bezos, after his space trip. Reuters photo

Once the trip, which began with a 12-minute delay due to technical adjustments, the capsule with its four occupants landed safely in a desert landscape near the launch site, in the vicinity of the small Texas town of Van Horn, and where the New Shepard booster rocket had arrived moments before.

The founder of Amazon thus joined the race of billionaires who travel into space, after the takeoff of Virgin Galactic last Sunday. But Bezos’s trip had more ambitions: It revealed that New Shepard reached higher than Richard Branson’s.

Bezos rivaled the Virgin founder because Branson’s ship reached an altitude of 50 miles, while the from Blue Origin reached 100.

Along with Bezos were his brother, Mark Bezos, 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk and a fourth passenger who became the youngest astronaut in history, Oliver Daemen, fresh out of high school in 2020 and holder of a license. of private pilot.