Mercato 2021.. Surprising deals and anticipation of the level of competition

Mercato 2021.. Surprising deals and anticipation of the level of competition

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Mercato 2021.. Surprising deals and anticipation of the level of competition

The Corona pandemic caused the division of clubs during the summer transfer season between teams that were not affected economically, and other clubs facing the specter of collapse, which provided the opportunity for a large number of stars to take on new challenges, so that this “Mercato” would be one of the most exciting transfer seasons in the history of the game, especially the years. Last.

The “Sky News Arabia” website monitors the most prominent events of the “Summer Mercato” for the year 2021, in the following lines.

Messi and Ronaldo

After a struggle that spanned over the past decade between the two legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the audience followed him with great passion, and witnessed the breaking of a number of records that are difficult to break again, the last chapter of the story of “Ronaldo and Messi” began, after the duo entered the era of their thirties, what she described Social media platforms with the “last dance” of players, have booked their own place in the list of the best touches of the ball throughout history.

The move of Messi or Ronaldo to a new team is an exceptional event, but for one transfer season to see the duo take on a new challenge, it is something that may not be repeated.

The economic crisis that struck Barcelona made the departure of some stars necessary, led by Lionel Messi, in order for the “Bulugrana” to survive the “salary ceiling” crisis and disengage with the Spanish Football Federation.

Despite the “flea” waiving about half of his salary, the Catalan club officials did not find any solution to keep the Argentine star with the team, and Messi explained that he was fighting to stay within the walls of the “Blaugrana”, but to no avail, so that the 34-year-old moved to Paris Saint-Germain. As a free player, he was part of the French club’s plan to build a dream team in order to achieve the European Champions.

On the other hand, the disappointing performance of the Italian club, Juventus, prompted Ronaldo to think of a new challenge, so that the name “Madeira missile” was associated with clubs: Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Manchester City, but in the end the 36-year-old returned to the “Devils.” The Reds” after an absence of more than 12 years, in a deal that cost the English club’s treasuries nearly 28 million euros.

The public is preparing to follow what Ronaldo and Messi will present during their new challenges, and in the coming years, which may be the last for the legendary duo inside the green rectangle.

back home

Like Ronaldo, more than one player returned to their previous clubs, what international newspapers described as “return home” deals.

The start with the latest of these deals, which took place during the last hours of the “Summer Mercato”, is the transfer of French star Antoine Griezmann from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid, on loan for a year, with the right to buy the player for 40 million euros after the end of his loan period.

Messi’s departure was not enough to solve the salary ceiling crisis, so another star had to leave, and the Barcelona administration chose Griezmann.

In 2019, Griezmann moved from Atletico Madrid to the Blaugrana for 120 million euros, and after only two years during which the French star did not offer much with Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid has a chance to restore Griezmann for only 40 million euros.

Griezmann’s deal may be a repetition of the “Suarez deal” scenario, who moved to Atletico Madrid from Barcelona, ​​and was the most prominent element in Diego Simeone’s battalion that succeeded in snatching the Spanish League title last season from the two big Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Chelsea also succeeded in signing Inter Milan star Romelu Lukaku in a record deal worth 115 million euros.

The financial crisis suffered by Inter Milan was the reason behind Lukaku’s return to Chelsea, as the “Blues” was the gateway to the “Belgian Ghouls” to play in the English Premier League at the beginning of his football career, when he signed with him in 2011, coming from the Belgian club Anderlecht.

Standard Deals

Lukaku’s deal to Chelsea is the most expensive in the history of the “Blues” and the second most expensive deal in the history of the English Premier League after the transfer of Jack Grealish to Manchester City, which amounted to 117 million euros, to be the most expensive English player in history.

These numbers confirm that “Mercato 2021” witnessed record deals and a high rate of money injection, as the BBC explains that English clubs alone spent nearly one billion pounds on deals during the “Summer Mercato”.

At the beginning of the summer transfer season, Manchester United signed English winger Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund in a record deal worth 85 million euros, to be the most expensive English player in history, but Grealish withdrew this title from Sancho after moving to Manchester City in another record deal.

According to FIFA’s report on transfers over the last decade, English clubs have spent more than $12 billion on transfers, whether on loan or sale, more than any other country, and this number appears to be on the way to increase in the new decade.

And English striker Harry Kane had a chance to withdraw the title of “most valuable English player” from Grealish, if his club, Tottenham, agreed to Manchester City’s offer, which amounted to 150 million euros.

While the clubs were offering imaginary offers to obtain the services of distinguished players, there were other clubs that signed the stars in free transfer deals, such as: the transfer of Messi, Sergio Ramos and Wijnaldum to Paris Saint-Germain and the transfer of Sergio Aguero to Barcelona.

musical chairs

Transfer seasons are an integral part of the fun of football, the fans follow it every year with great passion, and the biggest fun in the “Mercato” lies in changing the players’ direction during the last minutes, as each team enters the transfer season with clear goals, but events often push clubs to Signing other players, this is the so-called “musical chairs” game, and it’s the fans’ favorite part of the transfer season.

The game of musical chairs during the “Summer Mercato” included many names, led by Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Erling Haaland.

Chelsea entered the “Summer Mercato”, wanting to sign the star of Borussia Dortmund, Erling Haaland, one of the best young talents in the world, to begin negotiations between the “Blues” and the German club, but it reached a “stalemate”, as media reports indicated that the yellow club requested 175 One million euros in order to give up the services of Haaland, and this is what prompted Chelsea to consider signing the Inter Milan striker, Romelu Lukaku.

Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, asked to sign English duo Jack Grealish and Harry Kane Spurs this season.

The sudden announcement of Kane, prompted City to think of contracting with Cristiano Ronaldo, who had informed the Juventus administration of his desire to leave the team, but Manchester City withdrew from the deal, and made way for rivals Manchester United to sign Ronaldo, and bring back memories of the past again.

During the summer Mercato, Kylian Mbappe was the talk of the hour after his name was linked to Real Madrid, which is the dream deal that the “Merenghi” fans have been waiting for.

Mbappe refused to renew his contract with the Parisian club, which means that he will be a free player during the next season, and the French newspaper L’Equipe indicated that the Royal Club made an offer of 160 million euros to sign Mbappe, but he was rejected.

While the Spanish newspaper “Marca” indicated that the president of Real Madrid is fully confident in obtaining Mbappe’s services during the next season in a free transfer deal, without paying this huge amount.

The settlement of the “Mbappe and Real Madrid” story has been postponed to next season, while the Spanish club managed to sign the young midfielder, Eduardo Camavinga, from the French ranks of Rennes, in a deal that took place during the last day of the “Mercato” and amounted to 30 million euros.

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