Mercilessly: Samsung and Xiaomi mock Apple for the ‘news’ of the iPhone 13

Mercilessly: Samsung and Xiaomi mock Apple for the ‘news’ of the iPhone 13

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Mercilessly: Samsung and Xiaomi mock Apple for the ‘news’ of the iPhone 13

The promoted Apple event left a little taste among the followers of the brand. Perceiving this discontent, two of its two direct rivals in the mobile market, Samsung and Xiaomi, They took the opportunity to mock on social networks one of the few novelties that the Cupertino giant introduced in its new iPhone 13.

To avoid legal punishment, both companies refrained from making direct attacks and appealed to irony: while the allusion to Apple is obvious, she is not mentioned in any of the tweets.

One of the most controversial novelties was the variable refresh rate (Pro Motion) supported by the iPhone Pro (6.1 and 6.7 inches) and that during the presentation it was shown as a breakthrough.

This technology is nothing new in the Android world, so the two competitors took advantage of the attention of the press to remember that they have been available for a long time.

“Is anyone else experiencing a deja vu? Or just us? ”, Said Samsung Mobile US through its Twitter account, alluding to the similarity which has the iPhone 13 with the version of the previous year.

In another publication, he explained that the mobile phones of the South Korean company have screens, even in upper-middle-range models, that reach 120 Hz refresh rate from “a while” ago.

Not satisfied with these insinuations, he published that “it would be great” if the iPhone 13 “could be folded in half”, in an apparent reference to Apple’s attempts to advance in the field of folding, where there are a few players who showed their designs.

He also criticized that the brand-new Apple devices still have such a big notch on the screen: “Imagine having a notch in 2021”. And in the following tweet he tagged the Galaxy Z Fold3, whose front camera is hidden under the screen.

More hits

Another of the smartphone manufacturers that apparently scoffed at the introduction of the new iPhones was Xiaomi. “Friend, just don’t make a very long event, your customers may not have enough battery to see it through to the end“Xiaomi Brazil tweeted.

IPhones have long struggled to achieve a day of autonomy with their computers. And while the brand never provides details on actual capacity, it is speculated that it could be between 3,400 and 4,300 mAh, depending on the version of the phone.

While the standard for high-end phones on Android is at 5,000 mAh, although this year it is expected that it will rise a few more points.

For this reason, he pointed out that, last May, the Chinese manufacturer launched its Mi 11 with a 120 Hz screen, 108 megapixel main camera and 4,600 mAh battery.

He also recalled that his device comes with a 55W fast charger, while that Apple no longer includes a charger or headphones in the box.

This lack of ideas is relegating Apple to the global sales chart. And although for many years the first step to Samsung has already been surpassed by Xiaomi.

The market share of phones in recent years.

According to Counterpoint measurements, the global smartphone market grew 19% YoY, but decreased 7% QoQ, as 323 million units were shipped, led by Samsung.

While Xiaomi reached 52 million smartphones, becoming for the first time the second largest phone brand in the world.

In this way, Samsung leads the table with a market share of 18%, followed by Xiaomi with 16% and Apple was lower with 15%.