Method that can prevent dementia each

Способ, который может предупредить деменцию у каждого

It is believed that senile dementia in the future will affect all of us. Every three seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and according to who projections, by 2050 it will be supporting 130 million people. However, new research suggests that the disease can be prevented.

American scientists managed to establish a common cardiovascular risk factor of dementia which can delay or even prevent the disease, says

The researchers found that arterial stiffness inelasticity of blood vessels – increases the risk of dementia. So, patients with high pulse wave is 60% more frequently ill with dementia over the next 15 years compared to the total sample.

Participation in the study included 365 patients, their average age was 76 years. All the volunteers had a diagnosis of the frequency of the pulse wave for the determination of arterial elasticity and brain MRI for the evaluation of signs of subclinical disease.

It turned out that the correction of subclinical markers of brain disease is not reduced with the development of dementia.

Способ, который может предупредить деменцию у каждого

This is a promising insights. We expected that arterial stiffness increases the risk of dementia is partly due to an increase of subclinical brain damage, but apparently it independently from other processes
– said the chief author of the study, Chenzi Tsui.

The potential application of new insights is enormous, the researchers note. In particular, because it is possible to influence the elasticity of blood vessels with the help of special medications, physical activity and General changes in life. At the same time to prevent subclinical brain disease, according to the belief of many scientists, is impossible.

The study showed that physical exercise at the age of 73 years, lower the average pulse frequency in five years.

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