MF DNES: Chancellor Mynář earned over 17 million at the Castle in ten years

MF DNES: Chancellor Mynář earned over 17 million at the Castle in ten years

MF TODAY: Chancellor Mynář earned over 17 million in the Castle in ten years

Illustrative photo – President Miloš Zeman awarded state honors on the occasion of the October 28 national holiday, October 28, 2022, Prague Castle. Castle Chancellor Vratislav Mynář among the guests of the ceremony.

Prague – The head of the Office of the President of the Republic (KPR) Vratislav Mynář earned almost 17.4 million crowns after taxes in salary and bonuses during his ten years in office. Jaroslav Hlinovský, the secretary of the head of state, earned CZK 8.3 million net as head of the presidential secretariat, and Jiří Ovčáček, the president's spokesman, earned just under seven million as head of the press department. The data was obtained from the presidential office by the newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes.

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Mynář started as castle chancellor in 2013 with a gross salary of around 120,000 CZK per month. In one year, he earned around 1.3 million crowns after taxes, to which he also received a bonus of half a million crowns. Gradually, however, Mynár's salary doubled. In total, during his tenure, he received 17,386,000 CZK in salary and bonuses, the most of all associates of President Miloš Zeman.

Secretary Hlinovský also completed two terms of office with Zeman. The man who made up the daily program of the head of state ends with a net salary of almost 71,000 crowns. The Castle did not provide Hlinovský's salary for 2014 to journalists, the newspaper calculated his total income at CZK 8,313,000.

The data on the earnings of the head of state spokesperson Ovčáček are also incomplete. The Castle only published data on his salary and remuneration for the period from 2015, when Ovčáček became director of the press department. From that time to the present, he earned a net salary of 6,917,000 CZK. The average monthly income was thus around 70,000 crowns, the daily calculated.

The recorder Vladimír Kruliš received a little less from the Castle. In the relevant department of the presidential office, he first worked as a deputy director from 2014, four years later he became the head. In five years at the head of the protocol department, he earned CZK 4,634,000, including bonuses.

It was the rewards that made up a significant part of the income of the leaders of the presidential office. Last year, the Castle distributed a total of 3.87 million crowns among nine officials, according to the information that the KPR published at the beginning of this January.

Office manager Mynář received 895,000 crowns in extraordinary bonuses last year, and in total he had a net annual income of about 2.4 million crowns. Last year, other managers of the castle office received higher remunerations, either almost 303,000 crowns or 310,000 crowns. 413,000 crowns in the case of Mynař's deputy Petr Mužák and the director of the administrative section Jan Novák.

With the coming of the new head of state Petr Pavel, several of Zeman's closest associates announced their departure from the Castle. Mynář will probably resign from his position on the morning of Thursday, March 9, i.e. the day of the inauguration of the new president. After leaving the head of the KPR, he does not want to seek any position in the state administration, he told ČTK on Friday.

The head of the castle protocol Kruliš resigned at the end of January, just as, according to Deník N, the director of the president's secretariat Hlinovský did. According to speculation, Kruliš could head to head the office of the Czech National Bank.

On the contrary, Novák, director of the administrative section of the presidential office, would like to stay at the Castle. At the beginning of February, he said that he would offer his resignation to the new management, but he wanted to stay in the office itself. He plans to continue in the leadership of the Prague Castle Administration, for which he won the selection process. Novák worked in the presidential office during the time of all three Czech presidents.