Michel Franco attacks the superhero cinema

Michel Franco attacks the superhero cinema

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Michel Franco attacks the superhero cinema

By Rodolfo León
09/6/2021 7:52 pm

Happened with Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Copolla, and now he is the Mexican filmmaker, Michel Franco, who has decided to attack the superhero cinema. As part of recent statements during his presence at the Venice International Film Festival, the director said he is not at all interested in working on a film of this genre.

Frank was present during this ceremony with his film Sundown, which was written and directed by himself, as is customary. He took advantage of the occasion to attack the superhero cinema, saying that this genre was not really cinema. Here in his own words:

“Never say never because life can take many turns, but they don’t interest me in the least. That is not cinema.

I can’t stand watching a movie in which there are no twists, in which a formula is used that dictates the first ten minutes who is the good guy, who is the bad guy and what is going to happen and assures you that the ending is satisfactory. . I hate that cinema. “

For Frank, he prefers movies like “VeridianaFrom 1961, as well as Parasite, the award-winning film by the South Korean Bong Jooh-ho. What do you think of the filmmaker’s comments? Share your opinion with us.

Michel Franco attacks the superhero cinema

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Michel Franco attacks the superhero cinema

Rodolfo Leon

Editor at atomix.vg Gamer, movie buff and pop culture lover.

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