Microsoft brings back Clippy in 3D emoji form

Microsoft brings back Clippy in 3D emoji form

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Microsoft brings back Clippy in 3D emoji form

In times where the artificial intelligence behind Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant or Alexa was for many just a dream, the popular Microsoft Clippy he already reigned as the first virtual assistant. As a tribute, the tech giant wants to celebrate with the nostalgic by offering a revamped version in the form of a 3D emoji.

With a long life until he said goodbye to the Microsoft family in 2004, when Redmond included him for the last time in an Office, Clippy was absent until the confirmation this Thursday of his I come back with “much more personality”.

“I grew up using Clippy, and it seemed like a fun little Easter egg,” says Claire Anderson, Microsoft’s official Emoji-ologist, in a recent interview with The Verge site.

And I add: “We opted for 3D designs instead of 2D and we chose to animate most of our emojis, ”explains Anderson. The emojis were redesigned to include bright and saturated colors, with a focus on fun in the workplace.

The revamped version of Clippy is now in 3D format. Source: Microsoft.

The 3D element does the job of highlighting it perfectly, and they look much more modern than what is currently available in Windows.

Along with Clippy were also renewed around 900 emojis that will be animated in products like Microsoft Teams. “We loved that element of Skype’s legacy, so we wanted to incorporate it into this new system and bring more of our users to life,” acknowledges Anderson.

Microsoft brings back Clippy in 3D emoji form

Microsoft renewed about 900 emojis that will be animated for Microsoft Teams.

Clippy will start appearing throughout Microsoft 365 in the coming months. Educational video platform Flipgrid will have access to the new emoji next month, and Microsoft Teams and Windows will be updated in the holiday season. Yammer, Outlook, and other Office apps will also see emoji updates soon after.

It is not the first time that Clippy has been discussed again after his disappearance. In 2019, it was the protagonist of a series of stickers based on the assistant to be used on the Microsoft Teams video calling platform.

Facebook introduces Soundmojis

As part of the festivities for the World Emoji Day, to be held this Saturday, July 17, Facebook took the opportunity to announce the gradual launch of the soundmojis, a new feature that allows people send short sound clips in Messenger chat.

Users of the social network will be able to choose from a library of options ranging from cricket sound effects, applause, drum roll and an evil laugh. There are also phrases from popular culture. Each sound is sent as an emoji (without words), which will also have culturally relevant audio clips.

To start using the Soundmojis, you will have to start a chat from the Facebook Messenger app. When pressing the smiley face to open the expressions menu, you have to select the speaker icon and there you will see the available Soundmojis

The complete library They are available for people to use, both on mobile phones and in their browser version. From the social network they confirmed that the list will be updated periodically with new sound effects and locally relevant pop culture phrases.