Microsoft launches a renewed version of Bliss, the mythical Windows XP wallpaper

Microsoft launches a renewed version of Bliss, the mythical Windows XP wallpaper

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Microsoft launches a renewed version of Bliss, the mythical Windows XP wallpaper

Bliss, the famous photograph of Charles O’Rear that became in one of the most iconic wallpapers in history hand in hand with Windows XP, it returns to computers with a new edition version.

Every Thursday Microsoft shares images that reflect “the nostalgic moments that have defined us throughout the years.” The new collection, baptized Nostalgia, includes a background set that brings back some iconic elements.

The most attractive figurine is the renewal of the legendary Windows XP wallpaper. The image is the same, buthas been slightly retouched, with changes in the shadows, smoothing in the clouds and dandelions in the field, explains Microsoft.

“In 1996, Charles O’Rear took a photo in the Los Carneros area of ​​the United States in the California wine country. Microsoft bought the rights to the stunning image, Bliss, and eventually chose it as the default wallpaper for Windows XP, which was released almost two decades ago in 2001, “they recall on their blog.

The set includes a hyper-realistic render of Clippy.

According to the software manufacturer, this set is intended as wallpapers for Teams, although it can also be used as wallpapers for any device, since the resolution of the images is 1,920 by 1,080 pixels.

Also included in the package a hyper-realistic render of Clippy (the old Office assistant), the famous Windows Solitaire (which came with Windows 3.0 in 1990) and a tribute to Microsoft Paint. All these collections are framed in a kind of virtual museum.

“It is estimated that billions of people have seen the image, making it one of the most watched in history. The original had virtually no editions, But our new vision of the landscape for Microsoft Teams meetings has tweaks to the shadows, clouds and a few added dandelions, ”explained the Microsoft 365 blog.

Microsoft launches a renewed version of Bliss, the mythical Windows XP wallpaper

El Solitario, another of the backgrounds included in Nostalgia.

The company seeks to impose on Teams, its chat and video calling platform for work groups and companies. The service will be directly integrated into Windows 11, the new version of Windows, replacing Skype.

System ready

One of the great aesthetic changes of Windows 11 is the position of the taskbar, which will happen to be in the center. And although at first it was announced that this function could be reversed, now they indicate that it will not be possible.

The tech giant removed the option to use the previous system boot menu from the settings section. This, in turn, implies that no possibilities to align the taskbar to the left.

Another strong bet is the new Microsoft Edge browser, which will be very complicated replace it with other software as default, as with other platforms.

Currently, in Windows 10 it is very easy to modify this option. Simply enter the settings, then the default applications and there choose Chrome, Firefox or another choice.

Microsoft’s operating system and its update will begin to rotate optionally and gradually from the end of this year. On the other hand, Windows 10 will maintain its support until the end of 2025.