Midfield, it’s time to tighten: fourth round for Locatelli

Midfield, it’s time to tighten: fourth round for Locatelli

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Midfield, it’s time to tighten: fourth round for Locatelli

Valerio Clari-Carlo Laudisa

August 10
– Milan

It is by playing the big challenges, against big opponents, that you understand where you are. The phrase is a football and sports evergreen, it is good at various times of the season (including summer) and is as obvious as it is true. Juventus returned from crossing with Barcelona with a confirmation: in midfield we need more, in the middle we must soon add the men identified as objectives. No alarms, no surprises: that this was the department to work on had been clear and defined for some time. Manuel Locatelli has been identified since the first meetings between the then new head of the sports area Cherubini and the then new Allegri coach as “THE” reinforcement, the investment to be made in a summer in which the expenses would not have been many . Miralem Pjanic has imposed himself along the way as an opportunity, given his situation at Barça and the never-interrupted relationship with the coach: now both are on the agenda, for a department that has confirmed that it needs those who know how to deal with the ball and spin the team.

Locatelli meeting

Allegri on the one hand promotes Ramsey and denies waiting for news from the transfer market (“I’m not looking for midfielders”), on the other he confirms that “we need to improve the management of the ball”. Ramsey and Danilo are experiments to work on, but difficult to base a season on. Juventus will return to the assault for Locatelli, hoping that the fourth match will be the good one: the negotiation with Sassuolo has proved long and complex, now the aim is to resolve it and as in every meeting, the diplomatic aspect also plays its part. So the first news are already at this level: at the next meeting in addition to Cherubini, linked to Carnevali by a long and fruitful relationship, there will also be the CEO. Arrivabene. The manager, a trustworthy man of the parent company, will present himself to the neroverde equivalent, but will also be there to testify the desire to set up (or continue) a long-range synergy with Sassuolo, which goes beyond the transfer of Locatelli and can foresee in the future other business. The other news is that this time the match will take place in the “Juve house”, in Turin (after the previous stages between Sassuolo and Verona): it will be up to the bianconeri to “attack” trying to get closer to Sassuolo’s requests. The economic distance remains substantial, given that in the first offer the bianconeri reached 25 million in fixed part and 7 in bonuses, against a request of 40 (plus bonuses). The “buyers” should open to the loan of only one year (they wanted it two years), but it is unlikely that they will reach the fixed part of 30: the gap could be filled with the return to the games of a counterpart, another sign of a future collaboration (in addition to percentage on the resale of the Loca). At the beginning of the negotiations there was talk of Fagioli and Dragusin (who did not “warm up”) the new name is Filippo Ranocchia, midfielder of 2001 protagonist of an excellent preseason with Allegri.

Salary Pjanic

If Friday will be the crucial day for Manuel, there are no fixed dates for Miralem Pjanic, after Sunday’s crossing at Gamper. With Barcelona there are few problems: the Catalan club is willing to take out a loan, even two years, and could also contribute to the heavy hiring of the Bosnian (8.5 million). From Spain they indicate that Laporta could bear 20 per cent of the salary, Juve can reach 50, the rest should be a cut by the player. It is not the only knot, however: before welcoming him back, Juve wants to free up a place (and an engagement), with Ramsey on pole.

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