Milan, Feltri will be the leader of FdI in the administrative

Milan, Feltri will be the leader of FdI in the administrative

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Milan, Feltri will be the leader of FdI in the administrative

Vittorio Feltri it will be there leaders at elections municipal of Milan in the list of Brothers of Italy. The announcement comes directly from the president of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, while the center-right has not yet chosen the candidate for mayor at Palazzo Marino.

“I am extremely proud to announce that the director Vittorio Feltri has decided to subscribe to Brothers of Italy and that we convinced him to lead the list of FdI in the next administrative elections “a Milan, said Meloni during the presentation of his book at the Royal Palace “I am Giorgia“Together with the former director of Free and it’s The newspaper.

The news follows an interview granted by Felts to the Corriere della Sera, in which the journalist said he was “flattered” by one of his own possible candidacy for mayor of Milan for thecenter right, even if not from salary.

“I have never campaigned in my life, I don’t know how to do it. And then, in addition to campaigning, we must also win the elections. And when you win them, it does salary leaves something to be desired ”, explained the founder of the newspaper Free. “This tickles me and also flatters me, but I wouldn’t be able to manage a condominium, let alone a little Milan“.

The same reporter then explained to LaPresse that I haven’t really changed my mind. “I am not applying to mayor because I don’t have no desire to do so, because I’d break my balls to do that job there that I don’t know how to do ”, he reiterated today Feltsafter the announcement of Melons. “The councilor scratches his balls, up to there I succeed “.

The center-right has not yet decided on its candidate, after the resignation of the former mayor Gabriele Albertini and the entrepreneur Oscar of Montigny. The choice is still up to the League of Matteo Salvini after that Brothers of Italy has already indicated Enrico Michetti as a candidate of the coalition in Rome for the race to the Capitol.

In the meantime, Melons she said she was sure of the chances of victory for the center-right at Palazzo Marino. “I’ve always been sure that Milan was contestable: the fact of enjoying an excellent press does not necessarily mean also enjoying the consent of the citizens. The two things do not always correspond ”.

“We are on the pitch to win, not to participate,” underlined the president of Brothers of Italy, noting how, according to her, after five years of mandate of Beppe Sala reappointed from center left, the city needs “momentum and above all an administration that is not only attentive to its splendid historic center but that knows how to look to the suburbs and to the citizens who have been forgotten”.