Milan is made for Diaz bis.  And now full speed ahead for Kaio Jorge

Milan is made for Diaz bis. And now full speed ahead for Kaio Jorge

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Milan is made for Diaz bis.  And now full speed ahead for Kaio Jorge

The Spaniard is back on loan. Pressing on the young forward of Santos

Alessandra Gozzini and Carlo Laudisa

15th of July
– Milan

Deal, and there are four of us. Milan and Brahim Diaz will proceed together: all obstacles have now been overcome and the novelty is in the formula. Dry loan of another year, with no right of redemption, a condition that will allow the club some tax benefits. The Spaniard, 39 games and 7 goals in the Rossoneri last season, will soon arrive in Milan and for him the club will proceed with the fourth announcement of the season, after those for the purchase of Maignan and the redemptions of Tonali and Tomori.

Giroud disembarks

The Rossoneri story of Olivier Giroud will begin late in the evening today: he will land in Milan, sleep in the hotel and then show up for medical examinations tomorrow morning. The first stage in the city will end immediately after: the holidays interrupted for testing and signing with the new club will resume until 26 July. The department will gain goals (267 in career between club and national team) and experience. The director Maldini explains the strategy that has inspired (and will inspire) the Rossoneri attacking market: “We have a couple of young players up front … (laughs). Olivier is a champion and a fresh winner of the Champions League. Even though he hasn’t played much lately. he remains a reliable player, and that’s what we were looking for: he can bring experience to the team, what we need since we have a very young group. ” Speaking of baby, will there also be a center forward to grow up behind the seniors? “It could…” Maldini admits. “We want to do things well and immediately lay the foundations of the team and then look at other shots towards the end of the market.” First on the list is now Kaio Jorge, nineteen year old from Santos. A first striker who with the Paulista club has already played 75 games and scored 15 goals. The market value today is just over 10 million: a deal in full Milan style, a young talent to be valued at the Rossoneri. An idea that the club could realize immediately, to beat the European competition: no longer a bargain for the market in January, when the player will be released, but to try to conclude already in this summer session.

The attacking midfielder

After closing Giroud from Chelsea with compensation in London, and defining the return of Brahim Diaz from Madrid, the Rossoneri market will move in the direction of other major European cities. From Monte Carlo for Ballo-Touré to Moscow for Vlasic, respecting the order of priorities of the management. In France the club has identified the deputy Theo: Fodé Ballo-Touré, 74 appearances in Monaco, the current club, 47 with Lille and many others with the youth teams of PSG. In the curriculum also 4 appearances with Senegal. The formula is discussed: for Milan the idea is to proceed with the loan and the right of redemption to 4 million, Monaco would like something more and the certainty of cashing in at the end of next season. Minimum distance that will be filled with the work. In Russia he leads the Vlasic track, one of the ideas for the trocar. It will take patience, the next contacts are expected in a couple of weeks: in the meantime one of the parties will have to review their beliefs if there really is the intention to reach an agreement. For Milan Vlasic it will be done with the usual formula of the loan with the right of redemption, for CSKA Moscow it can only start with an offer of 30 million. Everyone and immediately. Without neglecting the midfield. For Maldini, Kessie’s future will be in Milan: “We are working on its renewal”, he explains. While the agents of Warren Bondo, 17, Nancy midfielder, have already met at the venue: 13 appearances in the last Ligue 2. If an agreement is found with the French club, Bondo will complete his growth in the AC Milan Primavera.

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