Missing bitch rings the doorbell of her owner at 3 a.m.

Missing bitch rings the doorbell of her owner at 3 a.m.

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Missing bitch rings the doorbell of her owner at 3 a.m.

Updated: 08/24/202116:37

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After her owner had missed the dog Rajah for hours, she suddenly stood in front of her front door – and politely rang the bell.

Greenville – Mistress Mary Lynn was astonished when suddenly one night the doorbell rang at her front door and there was none other than hers Female dog* Rajah. The four-legged friend had previously escaped and now wanted to return to his home.

The whole thing was captured on the house camera. You can see how the bitch runs frantically towards the door at around three o’clock at night and there – apparently quite deliberately – rings the bell, reports “SWNS”.

Rajah escaped beforehand

“She was in the garden with our other dog, and our neighbor started shooting fireworks,” says Mary Lynn of the moment when Rajah ran away. “I knew she would be scared and went to the back yard – she was gone.”

The exploding of fireworks often scares dogs, which is why they flee the situation – apparently this is what happened to the dog Rajah. She büxte out * (hna.de reported). However, she also took a long time to return afterwards. Their concerned owners searched every corner for their beloved four-legged friend – asked others for help and even published a search request via Facebook.

But no trace of Rajah: “My husband drove around to look for her. We were ready to call all the animal shelters – but she just showed up by herself and even rang the bell. “

Rajah was apparently afraid of getting into trouble

“Ryan saw her on the porch and ran to get her.” The bitch probably feared that she would get in a lot of trouble now. “She thought she was in such big trouble and she was sad and pouting, but we said, ‘We’re just glad you’re back,’” said Mary Lynn. “It was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing.”

Maybe the bitch Rajah had a guilty conscience too. In her absence, she seemed to have done everything she probably wouldn’t do in the presence of her owners. “She had thorns with her and appeared to have rolled in the droppings,” said Mary Lynn. “So it looks like she had a great time.” At least she came “already” after 7 hours and not after 40, like the dog Milo *.

Rajah was never taught to ring the doorbell

The dog owners were amazed at the abilities of their four-legged friend. “She only goes to the front yard or to the car. So she never saw us pull the door, ”says Mary Lynn. “I don’t know how she knew that, I never showed her how to do it.” *hna.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.