Model Ashley Graham fed the baby in a public place: the opinions of fans went

Модель Эшли Грэм накормила ребенка грудью в общественном месте: мнения поклонников разошлись

American plus-size model Ashley Graham recently for the first time became a mother. The star gave birth to a boy and has already started to go out with him in the light. On 13 February, the model shared a photo with her son, where she drinks coffee in a cafe, and son breastfeeding at the table. In this photo members reacted in different ways.

It is known that a 32-year-old model gave birth to a baby boy-born January 18, around 18 hours. Birth of a star passed the house, and a great support for her was husband, Justin Ervin. The couple are married for 9 years and the last wedding anniversary they admitted that for the first time become parents. Ashley Graham has repeatedly shown to the network, how different her body is after childbirth, and also told me that she often have to change underwear because given the consequences of the birth.

After a long time stay at home Graham finally made the first public release and went to have a Cup of hot beverage with his son in Brooklyn, new York. The new photo model breastfeeds young son right at the table.














Does, polirani (@ashleygraham) 13 Fierce 2020 R. 2:43 PST

A lot of friends-stars and supporters responded positively to the fact that the star is not afraid of publicity in the moments of motherhood: “I Hope many will understand that it is a gift that no one should be ashamed”, “It’s what you want to see all female nurse! Great moms of all shapes and sizes, are feeding their children in public. It is very strong!”, “Oh, I love to watch other women breastfeed in public, because it helps me feel more confident. Even though I breast-fed her child for more than 4 months ago – I’m still embarrassed by it,” “20 years ago, I was asked to leave a cafe in Atlanta due to breastfeeding. I had to bring out my baby, who was hungry and crying. I found a clothing store and asked if I could use one of their changing rooms to feed baby. We (hopefully) have come a long way! Love this photo! Congratulate your child.”

However, there were those who condemned the actions of Ashley Graham, and also drew attention to the fact that it’s the season for viruses and exposes the child to great danger: “No, no, no, no one wants to see it. A mother shouldn’t flaunt it, some people don’t want to see a woman who is breastfeeding, and it is their choice. Should cover up with a blanket. It’s not something that deserves applause, just because you’re a star”, “I love being a mom, but why some believe that they should show their Breasts? It’s not nice. You are an example in many ways, but it is too”, “You can say that it is cute or beautiful, if you like, but it’s not. The truth is that breastfeeding destroys your Breasts, especially the size and shape. From this women have a “flat” chest and can no longer return them to the form. That’s why I didn’t do it for my son. My Boobs are still huge and beautiful it is for this reason”, “You’re crazy, taking the child home to many viruses, and he can’t be vaccinated! Go home, feed him there and take care of him, please! That’s how children die…”.

Add that Ashley Graham – not the only one who dared to show how breastfeeding my child. This initiative had been supported by Crissy Teigen, Pink, Olivia Wilde, Liv Tyler, Hilary Baldwin, Angelina Jolie, Gisele bündchen, Miranda Kerr and others.

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