Moment Factory invites itself to the Village Québécois d’Antan

Moment Factory invites itself to the Village Québécois d’Antan

Moment Factory s’invites at the Village Québécois d’Antan

The Quebec Village of yesteryear in Drummondville has had a makeover.

The Village québécois d'antan de Drummondville (VQA) is getting a makeover. The Montreal firm Moment Factory is also inviting itself into one of the most important tourist attractions in the Centre-du-Québec region.

With its project Enter History, the x27;organisation wants to promote the Drummondville region culturally by providing visitors with an experience that it describes as unique in Quebec.

In collaboration with the firm Moment Factory, the new summer program notably offers a journey through time thanks to a humorous multimedia scenography grafted with interactive installations, lighting, sound prints and digital animations.

The experience is totally renewed, says the general manager of the Village québécois d'antan, Guy Bellehumeur. We discover the heritage of Quebec, the authenticity of the places in a host of installations, underlines for her part Nadia Lakhdari, creative director at Moment Factory.

There is, for example, the patenteur of the village, Léonard de Brin de Scie, who invents tons of inventions. Some are walking. Others, less well. There is Claire Laflamme, the lamp operator. When she hums a little, her lamps come alive and come to life. [….] These are a lot of facilities that go down in the history of Quebec , she continues.

This new summer version will get under way on June 28. By renewing its offer, the VQA wishes to encourage Quebecers to take the plunge this summer.

In 2021, the firm Moment Factory was chosen by the City of Sherbrooke to present its Sparks immersive trail on the shores of Lac des Nations. The show had disappointed many Sherbrooke residents, according to several municipal councillors. The city council subsequently decided not to invest for the return of the event in 2022.

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