Morawiecki: Poland could deliver fighter jets to Ukraine in four to six weeks

Morawiecki: Poland could deliver fighter jets to Ukraine in four to six weeks

Morawiecki: Poland could deliver hooks to Ukraine in four to six weeks

Illustration photo – Two MiG-29 fighters (above and below) and two F-16s of the Polish Army at an air show.

Warsaw – Poland could give MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine within the next four to six weeks, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said today. According to Reuters, he indicated that Kiev's allies are getting closer to an agreement on the next step in military aid to the country facing Russian aggression.

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The Polish government says it is ready to send MiG-29 fighter jets developed in the Soviet Union to Ukraine as part of a coalition of countries. However, Ukraine's other allies are wary of the matter, so it is unclear how long such a process would take.

“It could happen in the next four to six weeks,” Morawiecki said when asked how long it would take for Poland to hand over its planes to Ukraine. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď said at a meeting of EU defense ministers last Thursday that his Polish colleague Mariusz Blaszczak had informed him that Warsaw would agree to a joint procedure to hand over MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine.

Today Naď said, that only the government of Eduard Heger will ultimately decide on handing over unused Slovak aircraft to the Ukrainian army, and perhaps they will do so as early as Wednesday. The Slovak opposition has repeatedly claimed that the cabinet no longer has the authority to make this decision after the fall in December. Some other politicians previously mentioned the possibility that the parliament would first decide on the handover of fighter jets.

Poland is one of the countries that has supported Ukraine the most since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Thanks to Poland's influence, other countries also decided to supply the attacked country with heavy weapons, including tanks, which some allies, including Germany, did not agree with for a long time. In recent weeks, Poland sent 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. When asked how many MiG-29 fighters Warsaw would be able to provide to Kyiv, the head of the Polish presidential office, Pawel Szrot, replied last week that it would certainly not be 14.