More than a hundred musicians and theater artists will perform at the 41st Holidays in Telč

More than a hundred musicians and theater artists will perform at the 41st Holidays in Telč

More than a hundred musicians will perform at the 41st Festival in Telč; of theaters

Illustrative photo – Dušan Vančura's Antiquartet performed on August 8, 2021 in the reconstructed courtyard of the state castle in Telč in Jihlavsk at the 39th annual multi-genre festival Holidays in Telč.

Telč (Jihlavsko) – More than a hundred musicians will take turns at this year's festival Prázdiny in Telč. At the beginning of the seventeen-day event on July 28, singer Ondřej Ruml will perform together with Petr Píša and the Třešť swing orchestra Zatrestband. The opening of the festival will also be a tribute to the film When the Cat Comes, Vojtěch Kolář told journalists today on behalf of the organizers.

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“We will invite people to come dressed as colorfully as possible, like in the movie,” said Vojtěch Kolář. Vojtěch Jasné's film was largely shot in and around Telč, and this year marks 60 years since its premiere. The story takes place in a small town where circus performers arrive with a cat whose eyes must be covered by black glasses. His gaze causes people to be colored according to their character.

The program of the 41st edition of the festival will take place on five stages. “In a unique atmosphere in the courtyard of the castle, for example, Druhá Tráva and Bratři Ebenová, Javory beat, Vlasta Redl and his band, or actor and singer-songwriter Vladimír Javorský, who was nominated for the Angel, will perform,” said Milan Kolář.

After a longer break, he will play in Telč band Condurango of actress and singer Bára Hrzánová. According to the organizers, other attractions will be performances by Karel Plíhal, Hradišťan or singer-songwriter Pavel Lohonka Žalman. Vlasta Redl and the band will take care of the end of the festival, accompanied by his daughter Lucie Redlová. The accompanying program includes a theatrical fairy-tale scene in the castle park, an afternoon performance on the Kocouří scéna in Zachariáše z Hradec square, creative workshops and club concerts. The detailed program is on the festival's website.

The number of visitors to the Holidays in Telč is around 10,000, Milan Kolář said. Gradually, other events were added to the festival. “It's unbelievable how much is happening during our festival thanks to local skillful organizers,” he said. There are, for example, dragon boat races on the Štěpnické pond, a charity Run through the City of Happy Love and a steam summer with weekend steam train excursions on the line between Kostelec u Jihlava, Telčí and South Bohemian Slavonice.