Mosimane demands focus on facing clearing

Mosimane demands focus on facing clearing

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Mosimane demands focus on facing clearing

Cairo (DPA)

Pitso Mosimane, coach of the first football team at Al-Ahly Club of Egypt, held an enthusiastic session with his players before the start of the training session, which was held this morning, Friday, at Al-Teach Stadium, in preparation for the match scheduled against Misr El-Maqasa, on Sunday, postponed from the eighteenth stage of the Egyptian Premier League.

Al-Ahly’s official website stated that Musimani asked his players during the session to focus on facing clearing as part of the team’s journey to defend the league title, with the aim of continuing the march of victories and achieving the goals of the current stage at the local level, especially since it is the last match before the team opens the African final file, which it is playing. Al-Ahly on July 17th, in front of the South African Kaizer Chiefs.

Al-Ahly won the Arab Contractors 2-0 yesterday, Thursday, and seeks to continue its strong performances in the league by facing the clearing in Suez. The technical staff was satisfied with conducting light exercises for the players this morning, where the players undertook physical exercises and some recovery exercises, to get rid of the state of muscle fatigue.

While the quartet Saad Samir, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Mohamed Hani and Marwan Mohsen engaged in additional training.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the team’s medical staff, revealed that goalkeeper Ali Lotfi’s condition is reassuring, and he will organize group training after the clearing Egypt match.

Lotfi had complained of pain in the connective muscle, which kept him away from participating with the team in the Arab Contractors match, and he is still undergoing a treatment and rehabilitation program.