Motocross bikes, ANCMA against illicit trade

Motocross bikes, ANCMA against illicit trade

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Motocross bikes, ANCMA against illicit trade

“Don’t give in to the dark side, choose legality”. With this slogan ANCMA (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) has launched its awareness campaign to counter the phenomenon of the trade in motocross bikes of illicit origin. A clear message, supported by the main brands of the two-wheeler industry: GASGAS, Honda RedMoto, Husqvarna Motorcycles, KTM and Yamaha. All united to support this project, aimed at spreading awareness on the risks and judicial consequences deriving from the purchase of motorcycles in the context of opaque and criminal systems.

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“The referencelet the association know it is the artificial triangulation probably put in place by unscrupulous operators to evade VAT, bypassing European legislation. Operations that are based on a scheme that provides for the simulation of intra-community sales under a non-taxable regime and the recording of invoices to customers other than actual ones. In practice, the motorbikes go out and return fictitiously in Italy to then be actually put up for sale at prices 20-25% lower than the official price lists “. Therefore, not a parallel import, in itself a lawful and transparent practice, but a real tax fraud against which motorcycle manufacturers have already recently filed complaints and complaints to the public prosecutor’s office at some local courts. ”

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The spread of the phenomenon also leverages the type of use of motocross bikes: use within closed slopes in fact, it does not provide for the registration of these vehicles and the absence of the license plate makes it impossible to consult the public registers to reconstruct the changes in ownership. Consequently, the controls are also difficult and deficient. In short, a considerable damage to the Treasury and a risk also for the buyer, who can face a challenge of careless purchase, if not of receiving stolen goods. Lastly, ANCMA estimates that the illicit scaffolding on which this phenomenon is based could affect at least 20% of the reference market, which in Italy is worth a total of more than 30 million euros.

Against the temptation of easy savings, the invitation of the main manufacturers and distributors is therefore to contact the network of official dealers in the area, “where is it – reads again in the press release – you can find seriousness, transparency and professionalism “. Even the president of Confindustria ANCMA Paolo Magri finally underlined “the importance of protecting the supply chain involved and the need to inform and involve fans of this wonderful sport, dissuading them from feeding even unwittingly a system of fraud which, despite the illicit savings it promises, actually makes everyone more poor “.