Motorway toll refund, how Autostrade cashback works

Motorway toll refund, how Autostrade cashback works

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Motorway toll refund, how Autostrade cashback works

Here comes the reimbursement of the motorway toll in case of code with the new cashback of Motorways for Italy, which comes after the fine of the Antitrust combined with ASPI precisely for missing refunds. The cashback is operational from September 15, 2021 and is accessible thanks to the app of Free To X, free on device stores Android And IOS.

How the reimbursement of the motorway toll works

Thanks to new digital technologies, the reimbursement provided for by the cashback takes place automatically and commensurate with the actual travel times. You are entitled to reimbursement of the motorway toll after exceeding a certain limit of the normal travel times due to a construction site.

The cashbask is triggered only in the event of slowdowns caused by road works

It can already be recognized for short itineraries, starting from 15 minutes late, allowing access to reimbursements from 25% to 100% of the toll, based on the actual travel time and on the length of the route taken.

For example, if the average travel time for commuters is 20 minutes, the refund is triggered after 15 minutes of delay, on a 4-hour journey with a 20-minute delay there is no refund. The quarter of an hour is therefore the minimum limit.

The measurement of the delay is based on the average travel times, that is 100 km for cars And 70 km for heavy vehicles. The refund that can be obtained concerns the entire toll of the route, therefore not only the section affected by the works.

Motorway toll refund, how Autostrade cashback works

The refund of the cashback is based on the average travel times, i.e. 100 km for cars and 70 km for heavy vehicles

In particular, the cashback is valid for the following types of transits on:

  • paths with entry and exit on ASPI network;
  • routes with entry to the ASPI network and exit to another concessionaire;
  • routes with entry to another concessionaire and exit to the ASPI network;
  • routes with entrance and exit to another concessionaire, with crossing on the ASPI network.

Cashback Autostrade, when there is no refund

In the Autostrade cashback plan, the reimbursement of the toll it is not expected in the event of delays not related to the concessionaire’s activities, of an unpredictable nature such as: heavy traffic, accidents, weather events, demonstrations, or any other reason not connected to the work plan for the modernization of the motorway infrastructures.

Motorway toll refund, how Autostrade cashback works

The reimbursement is not foreseen in case of delays and traffic not related to the works

The cashback calculates the delay when the data relating to the presence of construction sites is crossed with those of Google Maps regarding the queues and those relating to the times of entry and exit from the motorway for motorists.

Free to X highways, how Cashback works

By downloading the Free to X, in the section Cashback, you can get a refund for both device payments Telepass electronic toll, both for payments with credit cards, ddebit, Viacard and cash. Who has electronic toll systems, can enter the references relating to the device chosen for receive inautomatic the notification of cashback, limited to confirmation of the itinerary.

To those who use cash or cards, to request a refund, simply send the photography – via app – della payment receipt, withdrawn at the exit.

Motorway toll refund, how Autostrade cashback works

The toll refund is only obtained through the Free to X app

During the experimental phase (until 12/31/2021) reimbursements are accumulated (for all types of payment) in the section “purse” and credits are issued starting from January 2022, for transits made from 15 September, to one’s current account, by bank transfer or as regards electronic toll operators according to the procedures currently being defined.

Cashback from Autostrade Free to X, info and Free To support

To support motorists in these months of mass experimentation, Free To X has activated various channels of info and support: from website, to the customer care service available in Assistance section of the Free To X app, active with operator from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00, and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00. For direct contact with assistants for using the application, the toll-free number: 800.93.2000.

How to request the Cashback on the VIDEO toll

On the App, in the “Travel” section, there are already other useful services such as: cameras for monitoring transit flows; the calculation of the standard toll; the positioning of active tutors along the network and a feature to locate the cheapest fuel prices, in the different service areas available.

Construction sites on the motorway, where are they?

As we have seen the refund of the cashback is obtained in case of heavy traffic and queues due to construction sites and road works. Below are the motorway sections where most of the construction sites:

  • A1 Milan-Naples
  • A3 Naples-Salerno
  • A4 Milan-Brescia
  • A5 Turin-Aosta-Mont Blanc
  • A7 Milan-Genoa
  • A8 Milan-Varese
  • A9 Lainate-Como-Chiasso
  • A10 Genoa-Savona
  • A11 Florence-Pisa North
  • A12 Genoa-Rome
  • A13 Bologna-Padua
  • A14 Bologna-Taranto
  • A16 Naples-Canosa
  • A23 Palmanova-Tarvisio
  • A26 Genoa Voltri-Gravellona Toce
  • A27 Venice-Belluno.

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