MP-RJ Announces New Members of the Marielle Case Task Force

MP-RJ Announces New Members of the Marielle Case Task Force

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MP-RJ Announces New Members of the Marielle Case Task Force

The MP-RJ (Rio de Janeiro Public Ministry) announced this Monday (July 26, 2021) the names of the new members of the task force that investigates the murders of the councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, in March 2018.

Prosecutor Bruno Gangoni, who had interim assumed the coordination, was effective in the position. Gangoni is coordinator of the MP-RJ Gaeco (Group of Special Action for Combating Organized Crime).

By determination of the Attorney General of Justice, Luciano Mattos, the group was reinforced in its composition and now has eight members”, reads release of the MP-RJ.

The other members of the task force are prosecutors Roberta Laplace, Fabiano Cossermelli, Diogo Erthal, Juliana Pompeu, Michel Queiroz Zoucas, Marcelo Winter and Carlos Eugênio Laureano. Everyone will act as assistants.

I reinforce the MP-RJ’s commitment to society as a whole and to the victims’ families that the institution is committed to elucidating the case”, said Mattos.

We will have a large work front, bringing together specialized prosecutors, dedicated to continuing the investigations, to identify the possible perpetrators of the crimes. I reaffirm that the complete elucidation of this case is one of the absolute priorities of the MP-RJ.

Prosecutors Simone Sibilio and Leticia Emile let the task force on July 10th. The decision would have been taken because of the risk of outside interference in the investigations. They would have stayed out of negotiations over the award-winning collaboration of Julia Lotufo, widow of former Bope captain Adriano da Nóbrega, suspected of participating in the councilor’s murder.

Sibilio and Emile were at the head of the investigation that investigates Marielle’s death since September 2018.

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