Muscovite found a bird of prey in the yard and asked for advice

Muscovite found a bird of prey in the yard and asked for advice

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Muscovite found a bird of prey in the yard and asked for advice

A resident of the Gagarinsky district of Moscow rescued a kestrel chick, which she found in the courtyard of her own house. She shared her story in the Gagarinsky District group in Facebookby asking subscribers for help.

“Guys, save me! In our yard there is either a falcon or a hawk chick. Sits, does not fly away. Do we have someone here for the birds? Otherwise the cats will eat it, ”the woman wrote.

On the advice of subscribers, the found chick was taken from the street and brought to the Moscow Zoo. There the bird of prey was examined and it was concluded that it was absolutely healthy.

“As a person to whom this kestrel ended up, I want to say that the general recommendation for everyone who wants to help is not to touch if there is no direct threat and confidence in injury. This is not a chick, but a fledgling, it flies and eats beautifully, but now, most likely, it will live in an aviary all its life, ”Maria Antonova, an employee of the Moscow Zoo, commented on the situation. According to her, the kestrel was not in danger. She got used to it in the aviary and began to fly.

The kestrel is a type of falcon that is very common in Moscow today. According to Sergei Yartsev, the chief falconer of the Sokoliniy Dvor in Kolomenskoye, birds have long taken a fancy to the capital’s skyscrapers and have become real city dwellers.

“This is typical not only for our city,” the expert explained in a conversation with Moslenta. “If you go online, you will see a lot of photos from different cities around the world, where, for example, a kestrel raised chicks in a flower pot.”

The metropolis is becoming attractive not only for falcons, but also for other birds because of the food supply. “Recently, we have seen a clear trend: the cities are inhabited by birds that previously lived only in the wild,” continues Yartsev. “The kestrel can live anywhere – in niches in high-rise buildings, and in parks.”

According to the expert, another bird that has taken root in the capital for a long time is the goshawk. It nests in parks, squares and other green areas.

“For these birds, the townspeople are at best a piece of furniture. Rather, a person is a threat to them than vice versa. For example, a person can reach out and throw the nest off the house. Birds of prey occupy a certain niche in the city. They are a kind of orderlies. Where there is a lot of food waste, a lot of rodents appear. Birds help fight them, ”concluded Yartsev.

At the same time, some birds of prey are in the public service. On June 7, the Federal Security Service (FSO) showed reporters a new snowy owl named Buran, which will protect the Kremlin from crows.

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