Music of Tomorrow: Radio-Canada Revelations 2023-2024

Music of tomorrow: les Ré ;velations Radio-Canada 2023-2024

Discover the 2023-2024 Radio-Canada Revelations.

Radio-Canada unveiled its Révélations 2023-2024 en musique on Tuesday, a group of six artists with a promising future who shine in different musical genres. Discover Marilyne Léonard, Parazar, Joseph Sarenhes, Waahli, Rémi Cormier and Élisabeth St-Gelais.

The 2023-2024 vintage of six artists will see their careers showcased all year round on the various Radio-Canada platforms. She will also be entitled to creative residency days, in addition to being in concert at the Francos de Montréal on the stage of the Pub Silo Brasseurs de Montréal.

Originally from the South Shore (Montreal), singer-songwriter Marilyne Léonard, 21, first became known during her time at The Voice, in 2017. His debut album, Vie d'ange, was released in 2022 on the Audiogram label.

The young artist offers melodious indie pop music highlighting her guitar and sometimes drawing on electro, alternating between rapped verses and catchy choruses. With her collaborations with Clay and Friends, Ariane Moffatt, Qualité Motel and Jay Scott, she is already prominent on the musical radar in Quebec and Europe, having already performed four times in France.

Marilyne Léonard

Three words to describe your music

Laidback, catchy and authentic.

Three sources of & #x27;inspiration

Hubert Lenoir's latest album, stories and interpersonal relationships, the Beastie Boys.

Three wishes for the future

Finding the musical direction of my second album, being able to be satisfied with my work (I'm a very perfectionist), living in the present moment and savoring the little moments.

Finalist at the Francouvertes this year, Parazar was destined for humor before branching off into rap by chance – hence his nickname. The artist was noticed on the show La fin des weakens before launching a first microalbum in 2021,C’est live.

Parazar's sound is rooted in rap and sprinkled with raï sounds, an Algerian popular music that evokes its origins. The rapper recently signed with the Montreal label Bravo and is working on new songs.


Three words to describe your music

Versatile, rap and oriental, because there are many sounds of Algerian raï (popular Algerian song) which are found in the instruments, in the words and in the flow (phrasing) of my music.

Three sources of inspiration

My dad, who was a musician and didn't pursue his dreams. For me, it's a bit like continuing what he started. Cheb Khaled, who brought Algerian raï into his music, and who wrote international hits. Rapper Soolking.

Three wishes for the future

To continue to be surrounded by good people. Success, without having a fixed goal; I keep the doors open and I take what comes to me. Keep working hard.

Wendat and Guinean multi-instrumentalist from the Huron-Wendat Nation in Wendake, Joseph Sarenhes is a versatile artist who masters the piano, guitar and percussion. He is also a singer, rapper, songwriter and dancer.

His childhood was steeped in the culture and rhythms of West Africa, before he fell into the pot of hip-hop. In 2021, he released his first microalbum in English and Spanish, Pride & Chains, which represents the cocktail of influences that marked his musical education.

Joseph Sarenhes

Three words to describe your music

Origins, because my music is really rooted in indigenous and African traditions. Power, because I have a very vehement style of music. Versatility.

Three sources of inspiration

Michael Jackson. The traditional West African rhythms, which are called Mandingo rhythms and which are a collection of forty extremely codified rhythms, which I learned, and which I incorporate today at the level of melodies and rhythm . The blues.

Three wishes for the future

I would like those who have come before me in my communities, in the artistic field or otherwise, to be proud of what I bring. I would like future generations to see me as a symbol of pride. I would like, in all humility, to conquer the world as an artist: to play on the greatest stages, to collaborate with the greatest artists and to take the opportunity to share my message. And I'm sure I'll get there.

Active in the Montreal group Nomadic Massive since the mid-2000s, Waahli has been fine-tuning his solo project for a few years. He has unpacked his Caribbean Afro-rap, which mixes French, Haitian Creole and English, on three musical offerings already, including his second album Soap Box, launched in 2022.

This versatile artist has already carried his danceable instrumental tracks to the four corners of Canada, the United States and Europe. Alongside his musical career, he leads writing workshops in schools and, as the titles of his albums suggest, he makes soap.

The revelation 2023-2024, Waahli.

Three words to describe your music

Energetic, warm and unifying.

Three sources of inspiration

People in general and Fela Kuti, an artist who really defined me for a lot of business.

Three Wishes for the Future< /p>

Reverse climate change, because I am a father and it would be good to have a future for my daughter. May my music continue to break boundaries. A return to normal life, like before the pandemic, although I don't think we'll ever recover 100%.

Only two years after leaving the benches of the Université de Montréal, where he obtained a master's degree in jazz performance and composition, trumpeter Rémi Cormier released Glimpse, a first album accompanied by a sextet, in 2023.

The recording demonstrates the virtuosity of the musician, who has already distinguished himself on the international scene. Passionate about cinematographic music, he likes the mixture of genres and cultures, reminiscent of the sounds of Tigran Hamasyan and Avishai Cohen.

The Revelation 2023-204 Rémi Cormier

Three words to describe your music

Exploration, improvisation and imagination.

Three sources of inspiration

My family and friends, jazz legends and travels.

Three wishes for the future

More music, more travel and more encounters.

Original from the community of Pessamit, Innu soprano Élisabeth St-Gelais has not yet completed her master's degree at McGill University before she is named to CBC's 2022 list of 30 Classical Artists Under 30. She attaches great importance to sharing her culture in her music.

In recent years, this artist with a warm and lyrical voice has received several awards and multiplied concert appearances, notably with the Berlin Opera Academy in Germany, the Orchester symphonique du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and the Orchester symphonique de the North Shore.

Élisabeth St-Gelais

Three words to describe your music

Generous, passionate and sensitive.

Three sources of inspiration

My region, the Saguenay. I come from Chicoutimi and it is a beautiful region, full of nature, rich in landscapes, rich in water, space, air and cool places.

Then there would be a very important person in my life, whom I met once, it's Yannick Nézet-Séguin. I did a masterclass with him in 2020. I think he's a successful artist, but for whom it's very important to stay humble, to stay grounded on his successes, failures, but also on the course.

My friends. My God, I have so many musician and artist friends who inspire me! They are complete artists, different from me and they inspire me greatly in my art.

Three wishes for the future

Vocal health. It is very important for me that it continues to go well technically and that my voice works well. More travel. Being able to continue to deliver quality music. Yes, we are starting to be known, but everything has to be redone, because once you are known, you have to continue to be good.

The names of six new musical revelations from Radio-Canada were announced today. These six musicians, chosen for the exceptional quality of their work, will benefit from resources and showcases for a year to propel their careers. For 16 years, Révélations Radio-Canada has propelled the careers of artists such as Hubert Lenoir, Émile Bilodeau and Cœur de Pirate. Nabi-Alexandre Chartier presents the 2023-2024 vintage.

  • Until June 23: You can listen to their most recent albums on Radio-Canda OHdio
  • Tuesday : Interviewed at The Pogonat Effect, A Whole Music, and Quand le jazz est là
  • Saturday: Interviewed at Minotan! and Kuei! Kwe!
  • Sunday: Interviewed at Free songs to Monique

With information from Charles  Rioux, and Zacharie Routhier