“My mission is to help other women”

“My mission is to help other women”

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“My mission is to help other women”

Esther herrera

Monterrey / 28.08.2021 03:14:11

First it was the motivation to raise her children, financially support her husband, then to improve herself as a person and woman, now what moves her Maria Concepcion Sanchez Hernandez, a successful businesswoman, is that the Ecolosía company transcends beyond being a source of employment and is a support for improvement and support for women and their families

She relates that her mission in life was discovered on the road she has traveled: to help other women to improve themselves.

Conchita Sanchez, as her relatives and loved ones call her, she said that she only attended first, secondary and one year of business. It is originally from Zamora, Michoacan, he came to Monterrey She was very young and married a man from Monterrey with whom she had 4 children (3 women and a man) and she is the grandmother of 9 grandchildren.

All of them professionals, married and with children. The objective of bringing financial support home was fully fulfilled and with great effort and sacrifice, today his mission in life is to transcend with a company that truly supports women and their families in every way.

The journey was not easy. But, from the first years of his children’s lives, he began to work in Jafra, there he discovered that he had skills not only for sales, but as a leader.

Today she is the CEO and partner of Ecology, a company that handles 7 lines of products for ecological cleaning of homes and companies in general, beauty and health and styling products.

It is a company of direct sales and multilevel, in which the people who enter are not asked to invest large amounts of money. The mission of the company is to promote entrepreneurship by responsibly promoting the commercialization of products that protect the environment and that provide health, beauty and well-being to the human being in a natural way, he explained.

“We want to create sources of work, there are those who only enter to buy products based on a membership and there are others who develop the business becoming a source of income for the family”.