Mynář borrowed a tent from the Castle on the ski slope in Osvětimany

Mynář borrowed a tent from the Castle on the ski slope in Osvětimany

>> Illustration photo – Head of the Office of the President of the Republic Vratislav Mynář.

Prague – The head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, had a party tent belonging to the Prague Castle brought from the capital to the ski slope in Osvětimany in the Uherskohradišť region, the Seznam Zprávy website reported. When his reporters became interested in the case, the chancellor had the shelter transported back to Prague. He told the server that he had properly rented the tent from the Castle on an invoice. However, the relevant contract has not yet been published in the contract register, the server wrote.

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Last March, Mynář's cabin burned down near the ski slope in Osvětimany, where the skiers had facilities. In the current season, a roughly ten-meter tent from the property of the Prague Castle was erected near the slope. When reporters started asking ski slope staff where it came from and who brought it, the shelter was dismantled on Monday this week and taken away by a truck from the Castle parking lot, Seznam Zprávy reported.

Mynář told the server that he had rented the tent on an invoice. “I ordered it for money. Totally normal,” he stated. He later added that by lending a tent, he was helping the management of Prague Castle. He did not disclose the amount he paid for the rental.

The fact that the head of the presidential office rented the tent on an invoice was confirmed by the head of the Prague Castle Administration, Jan Novák, whom Mynář appointed to the position in January of this year. He stated that the chancellor paid approximately 30,000 crowns for rent and transport. He later specified that the invoice had not yet been issued, but the Castle has a contract for renting the tent for January and February, for a total of 60,000 crowns including VAT.

According to the law, the Castle must publish all orders or contracts over 50,000 crowns in the register of contracts . He usually does so on the day he signs them, Seznam Zpravy reported. In the case of the tent for Chancellor Mynar, however, any agreement is still missing from the registry. The Castle has three months from the closing to put it up.

Mynář did not say why he had the tent brought from Prague, although there are several rental companies in Moravia that offer the delivery and assembly of custom-made tents. Some of them confirmed to the server that they would supply the shelter without any problems.

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