Myriam Bregman celebrated that ‘the left is the third national force’

Myriam Bregman celebrated that ‘the left is the third national force’

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Myriam Bregman celebrated that ‘the left is the third national force’

After Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries this Sunday, the candidate for Buenos Aires national deputy of the Left Front and Workers – Unity (FITU), Myriam Bregman, celebrated that “the left is the third national force. “

In the City of Buenos Aires, the list headed by Bregman came fourth, with 6% of the votes, behind the surprise election made by Javier Milei, while in the Province of Buenos Aires, Nicolás del Caño was placed third place behind Juntos and Frente de Todos, with just over 5% of the votes, surpassing the lists of José Luis Espert and Florencio Randazzo. In addition, in Jujuy, the space achieved a surprising 23.31% which also placed him on the podium in that province.

“The CABA election is the highest we had in a STEP since the left front was created 10 years ago. At the country level, in a calculation made by Clarín, the left is the third national force. In the analyzes, it is reflected that an alternative arises from the left. We received many congratulations and I take it with great pride “, he highlighted in dialogue with C5N.

Myriam Bregman with Nicolas del Caño in Plaza de Mayo. Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

On the other hand, he complained that, before the elections, “the left was not in the polls“and aimed against those who made them.

More than one has to apologize and tear the papers. They didn’t put us in the polls or put us under Randazzo. That today we are the third national force deserves to review the analyzes, “he said.

To close, he pointed against Milei, who achieved almost 14 points in the City and was positioned in the third step: “The Central Bank is not going to burn. one more from the right block. I saw this so many times… “.

“It is not by chance that Milei or (José Luis) Espert has been given so much air, because they fulfill the role of running the agenda to the right, and not arguing the agenda of women, the rights of workers, retirees and the environment“, Hill.

Myriam Bregman celebrated that ‘the left is the third national force’

The Left Front was ranked as the third electoral force in the country in the PASO. Photo Focus Red

Darts against the Government

After the victory of Together for Change in the main districts of the country, Bregman did not hesitate to assure that the policies implemented by the Government of Alberto Fernández were the great managers of the results obtained by the opposition.

“The conditioning that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) makes to the country and the adjustment that (Martín) Guzmán has been applying make the right raise its head … I cannot find another explanation for the results of (María Eugenia) Vidal and (Diego) Santilli . It is part of the policies that the Government has been applying: they reduced social items by 50%, the real salary was never so low in the last six elections … and you want to be voted and applauded?”, he pointed.

Along the same lines, he continued: “I saw how several voters of Alberto Fernández said ‘I did not vote for this, it disappointed me.’ The Government was very weak with the powerful. From Vicentin to this part, every time the right advanced, it retreated “.

“That, combined with the power privileges obscenely exposed, by no means can you get a good result. That makes the right appear as the winner, “he closed.