Myth or truth: contagious bronchitis?

The doctor said that it is important to know during the epidemic of SARS and influenza.

Миф или правда: заразен ли бронхит?

One of the most common respiratory diseases – bronchitis, inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. Bronchitis occurs in the acute form, which runs for two weeks with proper treatment, or flows into a chronic disease that can torment us for a few months. There is a misconception that bronchitis is not contagious. Let’s see whether this is so.

As explained by the TB doctor Maxim Pashkov, probably the reason for this confusion lies in the fact that the symptoms of bronchitis manifest themselves even after suffering respiratory disease, and many people consider them to be residual phenomena transferred colds. But it’s not.

– Pathogens settled in the mucous membranes of the bronchi, and continue their destructive work, – says the doctor.

Moreover, they are no less successful, are transmitted by air to their new victims. Therefore, you should avoid close contact with a person who has a trivial bronchitis, a patient is recommended not to stop treatment after the removal of the symptoms of colds and to heal through.

If you have a viral infection, continue to use antiviral drugs if bacterial, treated with antibiotics.

– Remember, interrupted the treatment only drives the disease into a chronic form, which complicates further treatment, added the TB Pashkov.

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