Nadia Dorofeeva showed how her morning (video)

The singer brushing his teeth and putting on makeup under a funny song

Надя Дорофеева показала, как проходит ее утро (видео)

Nadia Dorofeeva has shared a nice video that showed how her morning.

In the video, Nadia’s in bed and then in the Bathrobe goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Then the girl showed how she applies the cream to the face, dressed and painted. In the end, not without a Cup of coffee latte drink Dorofeeva. All this she does by winding a song by the Spice Girls.

“All a good day,” wished a celebrity under the post.

Video: Nadya Dorofeeva (

Followers I thank the singer for good mood and positivity and admire her beauty.

  • Nagy, you’re like an energy drink. So much energy in the morning, where?
  • The main thing-the latte at the end!! have a good day
  • The best morning starts with your clips to Tik Tok
  • And no latte Nadia, not Nadia
  • and the face at the end, just Busya
  • My sikaa
  • Have a nice day)
  • You’re the sun
  • And good day to you too. Thanks for such a dose mood
  • Unreal beautiful
  • Can I be as beautiful in the morning?
  • Latte you nowhere and you have no latte not Nadya
  • About in the bathroom while brushing my teeth also dance
  • The most beautiful bubbles. Well, not if you don’t drink latte, it’s not you. My favorite Tikekar
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