Named 6 products that are mistakenly considered to be useful

From the list of foods that many people mistakenly consider it useful in the first place called yogurt, oatmeal, semolina, store-bought juices. It is better not to include them in your diet, reports the “Medical information network”.

Названы 6 продуктов, которые ошибочно считаются полезными

For example, experts believe the erroneous opinion about the benefits of yogurt with various additives. They are often presented as products, which add natural ingredients, but actually in their manufacture, generously apply sugar, various artificial additives, flavor enhancers, flavor, can harm the intestinal flora.

Pasta can be considered a useful product only if they are made from durum wheat. Then, their consumption will not cause dramatic hanging of blood sugar levels. Pasta made from white refined flour have the opposite effect – they do not belong.

Oatmeal undoubtedly can be considered a useful product, but think about a dish of fast food – wrong. The contents of bags, which is simply poured boiling water, contains a lot of sugar, which inhibits the pancreas.

It is wrong to call useful and semolina. Semolina is prepared from processed wheat, contains almost no vitamins, protein, but rich in simple carbohydrates, starch, increasing the concentration of glucose in the body that contribute to weight gain.

Also not very useful white polished rice – like the previous product it’s too heavily processed. Better to use brown, red, black.

Store-bought juices also named among the products, mistakenly perceived by many people as useful in them too much sugar.

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