Named the main secret of a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep — a pledge of good rest that allows you to restore the forces and to prepare for the new day. But what about those who have sleep problems? Researchers from the USA say that the main secret of quality of sleep — cool air in the bedroom.

Назван основной секрет хорошего сна

In order to feel sleepy, the person needs melatonin — the “sleep hormone”. The body begins to synthesize melatonin faster, if slightly lower body temperature. Accordingly, if you want to sleep well, create the right temperature conditions in your bedroom.

According to a member of the American Association of sleep Whitney Roban, the temperature in the bedroom for a good deep sleep should be within fifteen to twenty degrees Celsius. Cool not only helps to sleep well, but also allows for easy revival. “Sleep in a cool room allows you to spend less time falling asleep — that is, you will sleep longer and better rejuvenate”, says Roban.

Other aspects of a good night’s sleep — the lack of artificial lighting (this will help you blackout curtains), and the use of high-quality bedding. Whitney Roban advises to opt for cotton fabrics. Plus, try to stop using electronic devices at least an hour before planned sleep.

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