Named the most useful for human health types of cheese

Nutritionists have listed the types of cheese, the use of which is the most useful for human health. Of this product you can get many important substances, explained head of the Good Housekeeping Institute Jacqueline London.

Названы самые полезные для здоровья человека виды сыра

Parmesan a lot of calcium and phosphorus to ensure bone strength. In addition, the product with a slow shutter speed is not as much fat, as in conventional types. The ricotta a whey protein that contains a number of important amino acids. This cheese helps in maintaining muscle tone and weight management. The mozzarella less salt than some other types of product. While it is rich in proteins and calcium. Goat cheese has a low content of casein and lactose, which reduces the risk of discomfort in the digestive tract after consumption, and it also helps the body fight pathogens.

Cottage cheese has lots of protein, but boasts a relatively low calorie. The product is rich in selenium that strengthens the immune system and counteracting chronic diseases. Swiss cheese has large amounts of B12, and 100 g of the product can get up to 20% of the daily value of calcium.

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