Napolea became the third Czech golfer to dominate the Ladies European Tour tournament

Napolea became the third Czech golfer to dominate the Ladies European Tour tournament

Napolea became the third Czech female golfer to dominate the Ladies European Tour< /p> Illustration photo – Women's golf tournament Tipsport Czech Ladies Open of the Ladies European Tour, June 24, 2022, Beroun. Kristýna Napoleaová.

Michendorf (Germany) – Kristýna Napoleová became the third Czech golfer to win the Ladies European Tour tournament. At the German Masters, she beat Englishwoman Cara Gainer in a shootout and imitated last year's successes of Jana Melichová from Beroun and Klára Davidson Spilková from the Irish Open.

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Czech number one Davidson Spilková has two titles in her collection, she won a historic victory in 2017 in Rabat.

27-year-old Napolea's best finish so far on the elite European circuit was second last March in Saudi Arabia. Next week, as the fresh winner of the German Masters, she will appear at the Czech Ladies Open tournament in Beroun. She took home a prize of 45,000 euros (over a million crowns) from the Seddiner See golf club near Berlin.

The best performance of the last round was performed by Davidson Spilková, who shot 66 and climbed 29 places to 35th place. Sára Kousková finished in 53rd place, who was the first to congratulate Napolea after successfully managing the play-off.

The former Sparta Prague soccer player, who switched to golf due to health problems, shared the lead with Gainer after three rounds. On the last day, Napolea was able to establish herself in the lead and had one shot to spare. However, she missed a putt on the eighteenth hole and lost the lead. However, she handled the shootout on the same hole brilliantly, this time she safely converted a similar putt.

New caddy Jan Brumlich, with whom she agreed to cooperate shortly before the tournament, also helped Napolea's victory. “It was a bit of a coincidence because he's usually on the Challenge Tour. But this week he was off, so I called him a few days ago and asked if he'd like to caddy for me. I saw him in Évian with Linda (Finka Osala) and it looked that's amazing. I was hoping that it would work out similarly for us, and it worked,” the Czech golfer praised herself after the third round.

She has not been doing well recently due to health problems. Before the German Masters this year, she was best in the top six twice. “It's great to be back and playing. A few months ago I wasn't sure if I could come back and if everything would be okay. I take it as a blessing to be here and enjoy every minute,” she reveled during the tournament of a lifetime.

German Masters golf tournament of the Ladies European Tour series in Michendorf (par 72, subsidy 300,000 euros):

1. Napolea (Czech Republic) 274 (68+66+69+71) in the shoot-off on the 1st hole, 2. Gainer (England) 274 (68+67+68+71), 3. Hausmann (Germany) 277 (70+74+69+64), Dagarova (India) 277 (69+69+67+72), 5. Hewson (England) 278 (70+66+73+69), … 35. Davidson Spilková 288 (78+70+74+66), 53. Kousková 292 (73+72+71+76), 80. Melichová 150 (73+77), 108. Melecká 154 (75+79), 119. Koželuhová (all Czech Republic) 159 (79+80) – did not pass the cut.